Exclusive: SPL refs declared unfit for purpose, confirmed by IFAB

Exclusive: SPL refs declared unfit for purpose, confirmed by IFAB
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 12: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers receives medical treatment as he is stretchered ofdduring the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers and Dundee United at Ibrox Stadium on September 12, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

“Although accidents occur, the Laws should make the game as safe as possible. This requires players to show respect for their opponents and referees should create a safe environment by dealing strongly with those whose play is too aggressive and dangerous. The Laws embody the unacceptability of unsafe play in their disciplinary phrases, e.g. ‘reckless challenge’ (caution = yellow card/YC) and ‘endangering the safety of an opponent’ or ‘using excessive force’ (sending-off = red card/RC).”

This is from the introductory page of the IFAB (International Football Association Board) website.

I went to IFAB to see what they had to say about what the duties of the referee is in a game where a knee level challenge could easily have ended Alfredo Morelos’ career.

Let’s be clear about this. This is not the first time that one of our players has been physically assaulted on the pitch, and that the referee and the SFA have decided to collectively look the other way.

Kevin Clancy has also made it very clear over the years that he is no fan of Rangers and he cannot keep his bias in check, but this complete disregard for the safety of the players means Kevin Clancy must never referee another professional game again. This cannot be casually swept under the rug, like all the other controversies.

Everyone was up in arms over Morelos flicking out a small kick to an Aberdeen player, but no-one said a thing when Morelos was judo thrown to the deck, and we said then that it was only a matter of time before one of our players was badly injured.

The fact that not even a yellow card was given is unbelievable, if we had not already seen this before…

So, will the SFA now retroactively look at Kevin Clancy’s decisions….Will they finally look at their own guidelines and actually do something about this?

My gut feeling is no, they will again sit quietly, because that is what they always do when it involves dangerous play on a Rangers player.

Instead, they will somehow try to blame a Rangers player for provoking the Dundee United player, or the Rangers fans for …..not being there, or explain to us the sun was in the referee’s eyes (when it was raining).

The fact is Alfredo’s Agent Michael Gorman has perhaps given us the true reason why Morelos wants to quit Scotland….Michael Gorman is quoted to have said

“It has been clear for a while that Morelos will not receive fair treatment in the Scottish Premiership.

“And now we have to question the motives of referee Kevin Clancy.”

The fact is, it has been very clear that the referees have never given Alfredo any protection, despite the IFAB requiring the referees to provide every player. Yes, even those who are from South America.

Or are the referees now so racist, they just think it is OK to target South American players? Ok, stretching it there, but you get the point.

Let’s be clear about this. Alfredo is a young man. There is really only so much he can take, and the fact that the referees now clearly refuse (as a group) to give him any protection is giving all the hatchet men the green light to do whatever the hell they want, and we now know that it will only be a matter of weeks before another knee level tackle comes in from behind, and the perpetrator gets to laugh about it with the referee.

Being blunt….If I was Morelos, I would probably quit Scotland too, which means the referees did their job, and it’s only 8 weeks into the 2020 season.

Yep, it’s now clear the referees do know how important this season is for Celtic, and we are not even one quarter through the campaign.

So, what do you think….are we over reacting here at IN, or do you think there is need to make some Ibrox Noise, and petition the SFA to make sure Kevin Clancy is never allowed to referee again?

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  1. I support any move to remove Clancy and his like from refereeing anymore but unfortunately it won’t happen due to the obvious GREEN leaning totally infiltrated system that hates us . We can only hope that some action is taken but I won’t hold my breath . Win the league and it will shut the whole fucking lot up . WATP Onwards 🇬🇧

  2. There must be a full inquiry in what is going on with Kevin Clancy’s hatred of Rangers as his refereeing of Rangers game is diabolical.What has to be seen too happen is for him too be never allowed too Ref any of our games again.Just think of the kick up there would have been a cfc player and probably Lennon would have gubbed him right on park

  3. Tbh IN that tackle was borderline GBH. If u or i had done that to someone we would have been in the back of polis van n up in court. Its shockin how much u can get away with because ur on a football pitch. Im with u its about time we started houndin this spfl with petitions and emails from all they will have to take notice then.

  4. He should threaten legal action against the sfa for failing to protect him, because they have failed in their duties. The same player got aa red for thhe exact same thing on teirney, ive been told.

  5. Clancy is adisgrace he should be sacked he is Ceptic loving scumbag but we know that wont happen by the Ceptic loving SPFL board he should never referee another game he is so blatant that it is embracing get the fucking scumbag out now

  6. Get that fuckin cheat removed asap,straight red ffs septic scum and a clear racist the famous donot tolerate this Racist act,the spl better take action now over this

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