“We couldn’t score against Livi…”

“We couldn’t score against Livi…”
Sometimes, folks, you just can't score... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Despite Rangers’ near-perfect start this season, a lot of fans whined about the score last night and even more whined about the Livi result.

Someone who knows a hell of a lot more about being in the Rangers team and what it means than most of us is Nikola Katic, and we’d like to draw your attention to this quote from him a few weeks ago:

“You play at home in front of 50,000 people who expect you to score 10 goals, every game. It’s difficult because you have 10 players in front of the 16 yards (line). You can’t score, sometimes you just can’t score, you have a lot of possession but can’t score. But when we watch the other leagues, I would compare it with Man City, they have the same problems in the Premier League.”

Let that sink in – megabillionaires Man City struggle with teams who park the bus, and yet our fans are whining because we dropped two points at Livi because, as Katic said, 10 men were behind the ball and they just couldn’t score.

Man City, who find themselves up against a wall of defenders and sometimes struggle to break them down, despite being coached by one of the top three managers in world football in Pep Guardiola, can’t score against teams parking the bus, and our fans want Steven Gerrard fired and that he doesn’t have a clue when Rangers hit the same issue against a Livi fighting for its life?

Does anyone see the ever-so-slight flaw here?

Rangers fans are deeply, astonishingly, infinitely unforgiving, but this is plain irrational. Yes, we were all upset after dropping those two points, but the problem here is some fans still haven’t moved on.

Yesterday the lack of satisfaction over the win and instead focus on the lack of goals was genuinely unnerving.

Man City can’t score against Wolves (or someone) but if Stevie fails similarly against Livi he’s to be fired?

Sometimes, folks, we just can’t score. It occasionally happens. But harbouring it for the rest of eternity as a stick to beat the club with isn’t really productive at all.

Niko says so.

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  1. I agree we should not obsess, but it is highly likely that the league will be won by the team that fails to score less often.
    I do not care how many games we win, how many goals we win by, whether we are coasting after 10 minutes or score in the 97th minute of a nailbiter.
    As long as we win the league. Do that and I will forgive selling all the Rangers fans like Docherty, McCrorie and Murphy, I will forgive anything and everything.

  2. Lets get this in to context guys please. We didn’t have to circumvent any Bus yesterday we just needed have more quality in the final part of some good moves Hagi was extremely wasteful for example. This was nothing like the Livi game where they did park the bus and more .

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