“A waste of £7.5M” – not so much…

“A waste of £7.5M” – not so much…
Kent will tear you.....

For the first time since we signed Ryan Kent, £7.5M is not only looking like money well spent, but an outright bargain.

A solid start to the season has grown into exceptional form over the past two or three matches, and it’s safe to say Kent has become once again, Rangers’ most devastating player and most dangerous.

Indeed, Leeds United are said to be coming back with an alleged £15M bid, but let’s face it, that’ll be laughed out of the office.

Ryan Kent would set any suitors back at least £25M on current form, because this kid is absolutely electric.

He’s reminding us of that superb form of late 2018 when he finally landed, with that three-match clutch of incredible performances v Celtic, Hearts and Rapid and those performances sold fans on him completely.

Remember him leaving Brown on his **** for dead and the only way the Celtic captain could stop him was to haul him down. Stuff to make the crowd rise to its feet.

He’s back in that zone again, and he’s destroying defences like they’re not there once more.

He looks happy, he looks comfortable, and he’s delivering on that investment.

A lot of fans weren’t happy with the fee, and until even two weeks ago called him a waste of money.

We always said the cash was too much at the time, but it was a cost we had to make, and we had to sign him.

And while last season was a little patchy and he didn’t quite hit the heights, six matches in this time around and he clearly already has.

We don’t want to lose this kid, and while he’s replaceable like anyone is, ideally we’d rather keep someone who’s going to frighten Celtic like he will.

There’s only one question begging to be answered:

Just what will Rangers have when both he and Joe Aribo are together in harmony and in top form?


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  1. All English players cost too much, unless you can get them on an Edmundson or an Aribo. But it works both ways. If Kent is worth £15M, he is worth £25M in England. that is just the way it is.
    If they honestly think Ajer is worth £20M – and that was hard to type, even my keyboard doesn’t buy that – then Edmundson in a couple of years and Goldson now must be worth at least that.
    I forecast we will lose one of Kent or Aribo and at least one of Barisic and Kamara next summer. But those 4 will AVERAGE £20M. this will be reflected in the prices we are quoted in future. Wilson has earned his money so far, but will have to earn it all over again next year.

  2. I’ve had my rant about yesterday !!! Onward lol.. Kent is unplayable on this form you must hate having to face him as a defender cause he can go anyway he wants and with electric pace he always has an end result . As you say you add Aribo and Roofe and Itten and we look very formidable going forward, I would not add Barker to that list sorry I would rather have Jordan Jones . We are solid at the back most times apart from Goldson Tavernier lapses which are a worry as is the shortage of a good LB to cover Barasic… perhaps a job for Barker ???? We still need the creative spark in midfield a ‘boss’ . Jack Wiltshire ????

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