An Ibrox Noise retraction. Of sorts…

An Ibrox Noise retraction. Of sorts…
The one we rejected

Earlier on we did a piece about whether Steven Gerrard and Rangers had made a mistake not signing Lyndon Dykes, and choosing instead a lad who hasn’t played outside of Switzerland before at greater cost.

We must admit we picked an unfair photo, and the headline didn’t quite help.

To clear this up – Cedric Itten could well be a great player for this club in time, but while early signs aren’t terribly positive yet, he hasn’t played enough to judge.

But that’s our issue – Lyndon Dykes knows this league, knows the surface, knows what scoring in the division takes. And is match fit enough to hit the ground running with this club immediately, as a matter of the urgency we need for this season.

It is not an attack on Itten – it’s an observation that he needs weeks and maybe months to get used to the SPL, while Dykes already knows it like the back of his hand.

Ideal scenario might even have been to sign both, get even more depth, having Dykes’ battering ram and physical target man as a plan B when needed.

Such as yesterday.

So an apology of sorts – the piece wasn’t exactly the message we wanted to convey, and was interpreted as a pure slur on Itten. We got dog’s abuse for this, but we’ll take this one on the chin.

Maybe he won’t work out, maybe he will, but we do feel Dykes would have been a more sensible acquisition for a player likely to be immediately ready to settle in.

Itten will take time. And we’re not sure we have much of that.

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  1. Understood your previous article on Itten and Dykes. It is a strange one not to choose a player wo has history in the league and can score goals over a player from a foreign league since, as experience shows, some players can take months to acclimatise. If Morelos had been sold, we would be in a difficult situation having to rely on a player in the midst of getting up to speed.

  2. Please don’t apologise for telling it how it looks. Most Rangers fans I have spoken to would have signed Dykes first this season , before everyone maybe apart from Balogun He’s another missed opportunity … Is Itten our new Omar Sadiq……we don’t have time for him to bed in !!!!

  3. Agreed. Maybe he should have bought both, lots of players (Barisic) need a season to bed in. We don’t have a season

  4. Given time iffen will prove far better than dikes,no short term fixes and morelos should be more than capable till he’s ready, which won’t be long

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