Did Rangers make a big transfer mistake?

Did Rangers make a big transfer mistake?
The one we went with...

This is not to be an article slaughtering Cedric Itten, or one slaughtering Steven Gerrard, it’s just a question.

With Livi agreeing a £2M fee with QPR for Lyndon Dykes, and Itten’s average cameos up till now, we’re at a loss as to why:

  • 1: Our management decided Dykes wasn’t worth the money.
  • 2: They felt a guy who’d never played outside Switzerland was worth more.

Dykes might not be everyone’s absolute favourite, but he knows the way to goal and he’s experienced in our league. He is also match fit and ready.

But for some reason, Rangers thought Cedric Itten, who looks so far a little bit like a carthorse, was a better fit.

His stats yesterday, admittedly only for a 20 minute cameo, were painful:

42% passing average, 11 touches, dispossessed once, lost the ball once, and you probably won’t be shocked to hear no shots whatsoever.

He doesn’t exactly look big, quick, or strong – he looks weak, slow and cumbersome, and while of course we know it’s ‘early days’, frankly we don’t have time to wait. If we’d brought Lyndon Dykes in, at £1M less, we’d have had a ready-to-go striker who knows how to handle the SPL.

We’re not advocating Dykes as the long-term successor for Morelos, but from early signs, we sure as sh*t can’t argue that Itten is.

But this is less about criticising Itten, and more about confusion that a cheaper player who suits the SPL was rejected.

You tell us.

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  1. Let’s not put these 2 under pressure after 35 minutes of wearing the shirt , that’s ridiculous !!
    We’re gonna be up against this defensive football all season barring a few in the league
    We have to quicker and someone has to beat their opponent and get past them in the final third
    Gotta find first half goals ,one of our biggest failings last season
    Rotten performance
    But to ask if Itten is a waste of money after 2 sub appearances ?
    Crazy talk.

  2. I agree with IN Dykes ready to go has delivered in the SPFuckingL against us , Aberdeen and the rotten mob . Yes not Morelos but compared to this Swiss Lad , sorry he’s better more experienced , cheaper and ready to go . Another mistake SG.

  3. Said for ages we needed a striker who knows Scotland. Dykes, Cosgrove or Shankland. I know Cosgrove is out, by the way. Europe and Scotland different games, but if you had to pick Europa League or SPL next season, I would pick SPL. And we are not going to win Europa anyway.
    We can see it, SG can’t. Or won’t

    • We can’t win the Europa League but we can make a much needed £20m with a run to the Group Stages. Without our runs in the last 2 seasons I dread to think who we would be signing.

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