Alfredo Morelos – Stevie G has these six options for Pittodrie

Alfredo Morelos – Stevie G has these six options for Pittodrie

With Alfredo Morelos’ future completely up in the air, Steven Gerrard has a huge dilemma on his hands – whether or not to select the Colombian for Pittodrie.

In a straw poll on our social media channels, the majority reckon we should still pick Morelos to start, and some indeed mocked the very question.

But others saw the point – Morelos’ head hasn’t been in the game for months, his head has been completely turned by Lille’s interest, and he was already looking for an out ever since early 2018.

So what use would he be at Aberdeen in this form and this mood?

Let’s look at Gerrard’s options one by one:

1: Start Alfredo Morelos. It’s the obvious ‘solution’ but given just how rank the 9 has been this year, it’s barely better than an empty jersey.

2: Start Greg Stewart. He’s about as auxiliary a striker as we have, and he’s really not a 9, but he can score and he can assist and he’s one of us. It’s a kamikaze and underwhelming answer but might not be the worst.

3: Sign a new guy – possibly Dykes. Just get in someone new, someone good, for Saturday, and hurl him straight in. Risky, but big reward if it pays off.

4: Start Nathan Young-Coombes. This one was suggested by Ibrox Noise’s Derek, and as bonkers as it sounds, his record in the youths is excellent. He’s a talented player, and he knows the way to goal. Is there any harm taking this chance?

5: Use Kent, Hagi and Barker as a three-way trident to share the goals between them – all are quick, all make brilliant runs and all can score.

Joe Aribo up front. We heard this one earlier – the Nigerian international has probably been the form player of pre-season, and with those twinkle toes of his and that deceptive bursting of short pace into the box, the guy could be a very ‘out there’ solution. Probably not though.

What ones do you have and what do you make of these?

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