A shock twist in why Rangers are playing so well…

A shock twist in why Rangers are playing so well…

If one curiosity has come from this pre-season, it’s not just the results, the clean sheets, the wins, the goals – it’s the form, and frankly it’s some of the best form since the split of 2019.

And there’s a huge clue as to why it’s happening:

No crowds.

The lack of crowds at games right now, rightly or wrongly, is benefiting Rangers players who no longer have to deal with the pressure of either away fans giving them abuse or Ibrox fans… giving them abuse.

If we think about the likes of Brandon Barker, he’s absolutely thriving right now – others are too – Glen Kamara is having a great pre-season, Joe Aribo looks good, and Kent looks up for it as well.

But there’s no fans swearing blue murder at them and insulting them, and that is clearly helping.

Of course, many reading this will consider these players snowflakes, that they can’t handle the abuse – and there is a point in that. But is it possibly a damning indictment of supporters, especially the home ones, that these players are struggling in front of them, but take them away and suddenly they’re like a different team?

Guys like McGregor, Davis, Defoe and others have seen it all before, heard it all before, but everyone is playing infinitely better than January onwards – and there can be no coincidence surely that stadiums are empty.

We’re not blaming fans for how rubbish Rangers became this year, but clearly the lack of support from the stands didn’t help much in turning it around.

Now it’s empty and the team is playing extremely well.

Just a thought…

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