We have a question about Steven Gerrard

We have a question about Steven Gerrard

The events of the past two+ months have been difficult for us all. Latest numbers with the crisis do suggest a stabilisation or even fledgling improvement, but it’s too early to make any conclusions.

However, things happened before this all accelerated which cannot be forgotten, things pertinent to our club, and we’re interested in where you stand on them.

Steven Gerrard’s Rangers, buoyed from a brilliant November/December period, came back in January and were unmitigatedly dreadful. Whatever cause you attribute it to, our form up till the shutdown was absolutely tragic, and our manager and players had no answer for it.

With everything in hiatus since then, we wonder what feeling and indeed memory is doing with that.

Obviously our priorities right now are doing what the government requests and observing the lockdown, but it doesn’t mean we’ve all forgotten the football, and indeed many fans if not all miss it badly.

But what has our present situation done for our feelings towards Rangers’ form before it all went down?

And that’s what concerns us a little – will fans give the regime a second chance to get it right come the restart? Do we hard reset everything back and pretend January-March didn’t happen?

Does Stevie go back to being the King after the amazing December we had? Or do those who had major doubts about the regime in February/March retain those doubts and question the way forward under our present manager?

This break from football should not necessarily mean a blank slate. It could – if the team comes back eventually and plays brilliantly and looks like its December self.

But what if it’s rank rotten again? What if it just resumes in the same pitiful form it left in?

We honestly don’t know how it’ll play out, no one does.

There are good things happening at Ibrox these days – SD gone, new kit makers, and a revamp of the Megastore. So this article isn’t trying to be negative.

We really just want to know what you think. So tell us.

Where do you stand on this piece?

Completely support Stevie going forward, period
Major reservations (or worse) about form under him
Somewhere in the middle
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