Transfer shocker has massive implications for Rangers

Transfer shocker has massive implications for Rangers

Today’s confirmed sale of Mauro Icardi is an absolute shocker. Not because a team has signed a player, no no…

No, it’s a shocker because a number of weeks ago it was assumed player values had fallen, and teams would not be able to afford the ‘old’ prices. This had knock on effect for Rangers selling the likes of Alfredo Morelos and Borna Barisic, at more like £5M-£10M tops than the previously expected £15M-£25M.

No, Mauro’s departure to PSG from Inter for around £54M at the age of 27 (and Gareth Bales’s mooted move to Newcastle from Real which is proposed around the same value) confirms the predictions about football seeing sense and transfer prices normalising were absolute poppycock, and fantasy football prices remain alive and well despite all that’s happened the past two or three months.

While Morelos’ market value probably isn’t ‘as’ high as it got during his career peak of November, there is absolutely no reason this kid won’t net Rangers a hefty sum after all, given market value has remained surprisingly stable and is certainly on the rise as we speak. While it might not get to that stunning level it attained around late last year, Rangers can certainly demand well above £15M for the Colombian, and probably closer to £20M+.

As for the Croat, his sale is being less hyped, but is just as inevitable. Roma still want him, and a Croat international of his reputation and Europa League (and national) form remains as valuable as he did before.

While for a time he was looking like he could break the record set by Celtic for Kieran Tierney in the same position, he certainly will still go for a hefty amount and Rangers can probably consider him the prize asset overall, with his sale in the region of slightly more than his Colombian team mate.

But the point is simple. Despite all we’ve been through, it’s clear that football has learned nothing, financially speaking, and the staggering price for Icardi demonstrates that Rangers, paradoxically, will benefit from that when it comes to shipping out the star players when the rich boys come calling.

And that works for us.

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