SPFL latest farce is an absolute laughing stock. And a disgrace

SPFL latest farce is an absolute laughing stock. And a disgrace

We touched on this earlier with a little reference to it, but we’re still embarrassed for him. Just when you thought the SPFL farce couldn’t descend any further, it finds another sewer and dives down.

Murdoch MacLennan’s ‘interview’ in the paper recently is possibly the worst-case of damage limitation we think we’ve ever seen.

Without previously knowing a huge amount about the guy, we once gave him the benefit of doubt of impartiality, but as we’ve seen over time, he’s emerging as King Tim, the most farcical and ridiculous man to be chairing a supposedly neutral group like the SPFL.

In short, MacLennan, as a way of proving the SPFL and vindicating the vote, gave his own questions and answers in a closed interview in a national publication.

This was not open to journalistic scrutiny, but was effectively a self-promotional column in which he picked the questions and the answers and decided for himself that that was good enough to ward off the critics.

All it did was show the SPFL really are hiding something, and it won’t be long before whatever it is is exposed.

We admit Rangers’ tactics over the piece regarding this feud have been questionable, but we give them the benefit of the doubt and trust that they will justify our faith – but the SPFL have been categorically laughable.

And MacLennan’s refusal to be held to account, instead having a cushy and comfortable column printed in a rag as a means of his defence really highlights his refusal to be held to any scrutiny.

It’s like a famous celebrity holding a press conference but picking the journalists and the questions they’re allowed to ask.

Which, of course, is what a dictator does.

MacLennan, like his organisation, seems to hold himself above the law, above questioning and accountability, and if he truly thinks a self-enclosed column in the paper where he asks and answers his own questions is enough, he’s dead, dead wrong.

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