Rangers fans could be in store for a spectacular treat

Rangers fans could be in store for a spectacular treat

Rangers fans could be in for a hell of a treat next season after Liverpool-based Castore were heavily linked with replacing Hummel as Rangers’ official kit maker.

The Danes are now out of the picture with the contract completely terminated and Rangers’ Training Centre renamed back, but attention has turned to the new kits, and it appears premium manufacturer Castore will be the partner going into the new campaign, whenever of course that may be.

The reason this is a treat is Castore is a marquee brand, and produce some of the highest-quality designs out there with some of the best-looking gear on the market, at prices to match.

They’re very much Rolls Royce, and while the brand isn’t a huge one and not a household name yet, they hope this rumoured Rangers deal and others with fellow UK clubs will raise their profile.

And as such, we could potentially expect Rangers’ kits under their design and manufacture to be some of the best for many, many years.

Obviously the English group haven’t made a foray into football kits so we can’t give you a valid comparison and example, but they famously replaced Under Armour to be tennis megastar Andy Murray’s main supplier and as one of the top four male tennis players of the past 20 years, the Scottish grand slam champion and gold medal winner is certainly not one who’d accept anything less than the best.

No, these kits could be something very very special indeed, and we can’t wait to see what the brand concocts for us.

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