Rangers’ smoking gun revealed – and it’s a DOOZY

Rangers’ smoking gun revealed – and it’s a DOOZY

The leaked dossier’s smoking gun has finally been revealed, and it’s a doozy.

There’s been a substantial amount of hype about Rangers’ evidence, with lie and counter-lie spout, claim and counter-claim, and while the SPFL were quick to reject the document this morning with a prepared statement, they failed to address the main issue Rangers have exposed, and it’s a big big big one.

If the league is ended early, Sky and BT are owed – it’s called liabilities. And the smoking gun is that legal adviser Rod MacKenzie knew what these companies would be owed, that they would indeed be owed money, and didn’t not reveal that to the clubs before the vote.

Further complications arrive in the debt this results in – the solution to this, proposed by the SPFL, appears to have been remuneration of that excess to the TV corps next season, with the end result being a massively reduced TV pot coming in for next season for the clubs.

And guess what – this is the money Scottish clubs cannot survive without – end result? SPL dies, immediately.

Rangers have played this perfectly.

SPFL can deny their bullying claims and their bribery claims all they like, but the big ammo on Rangers’ side is they’ve failed to give full disclosure on the downside of the yes vote, and that full disclosure is what would have earned a definite no vote.

This one isn’t over. Not by a long shot.

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