Rangers appear to have dramatically shifted in policy

Rangers appear to have dramatically shifted in policy

As we’ve told you over the past two days, Rangers are presently linked with Austrian hitman Adrian Grbic, and Germany’s Niklas Dorsch, a 23 and 22-year old respectively.

On the surface there’s no obvious connection between the two, aside the fact they both speak German albeit the Austrian variant in Grbic’s case, but something quite stark bonds the two:

Both hail from a top five league’s second division, and both are standout performers in those.

Grbic is in France’s Ligue 2, while Dorsch is doing his thing in the German equivalent.

This does point to a new strategy from our manager, and scouting team – to hoover up the untapped gems in top league’s lower flights, the best performers in these divisions, and get a cheap but high quality talent.

While Alfredo Morelos was top flight, it was the Finnish premier league, and no one pays much attention to that – but for Jonatan Johansson’s knowledge of his home territory, Rangers would have missed out on a £1M player who could still go for around £20M.

And this now is the same – going for unfancied divisions and scouting for the best talent.

Look at Hagi too – barely known in the Belgian league, but a Romanian international, and could hardly get a game at Genk.

There is talent out there, and it’s not in the obvious places, and that’s why there seems to be an interesting shift in snapping up the best of the rest when it comes to the big five leagues.

If it works, it works.

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