£5M+ move south – Stevie might block deal…

£5M+ move south – Stevie might block deal…

Yesterday’s additions of West Ham as a breaking story upon the ongoing reported interest in defender Connor Goldson certainly got the tongues wagging.

Up until a few months ago he was one of the few players who hadn’t been mentioned in the slightest with regards transfer circles, and now he’s been connected twice in the space of 12+ weeks with a big-money move down south.

Of course, every man and his dog knows Goldson, aside captain James Tavernier, is a hard-wired 100% Steven Gerrard favourite, and there’s word the manager is going to use this opportunity to tie the former Brighton man up to a longer better-paid deal at Ibrox.

Similarly, that could go the other way – it could be nonsense speculation from his agent, creating West Ham (and others) interest to encourage Gerrard to give his client a longer deal.

But the latter seems a tad unlikely because the tall CB is an absolute first-pick and he’s the vice-captain too so it’s not like Gerrard needs the invite. he’d happily ‘block’ this sale.

He was tenuously linked with a move to Elland Road, and now West Ham, to name a second side, and the numbers mentioned suggest £5M+. But of course being such a key player in Stevie’s system, it would have to be a very strong bid to force Rangers to sell.

As for fan reaction, it’s been mixed, from what we’ve seen. The majority are in favour of selling, but there’s a strong and noticeable minority who rate the Englishman highly enough to want to keep him. And those fans shouldn’t just be ignored.

But Ibrox Noise’s stance is while the lanky stopper had a strong December, very strong in fact, overall he’s been a controversial defender who hasn’t won fans over enough to convince us he’s good enough.

That said, as flimsy as Rangers’ defence looks, the numbers and stats don’t back that up. Goldson’s influence has certainly been part of some strong numbers, and it’s easily forgotten no player in Rangers’ squad clears his lines in the UEL more than Goldson does. And that’s a hard fact.

We leave it over to you – price notwithstanding, sell or keep Connor Goldson?

Depending on price, sell or keep Goldson?

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