ITK journo reveals truth about Hagi

ITK journo reveals truth about Hagi

Jim White appears to have put an end to the ‘how can they afford it’ piffle regarding Ianis Hagi after the Sky Sports presenter confirmed the deal for the Romanian is in fact only £3M and will be paid over three years.

Despite the fact the obsession with our club and its dealings really deserve no oxygen at all, nevertheless the likes of Michael Stewart demanding an explanation may wish to pipe down after White announced the deal was done and was for just over half the original reported amount and would be staggered in annual payments until 2023.

Whether Hagi stays at Ibrox even beyond this summer given the massive interest in him remains to be seen, but Rangers have got an excellent deal for an established international and it won’t even come close to breaking the bank to achieve.

We’d assume if he does get sold to a bigger league, that Rangers will have installed a sell-on clause to ensure the lad profits us the way he should.

As for Michael Stewart, pretty sure he’ll find something else Rangers-esque to whine about.

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