UEFA shock might just crush Celtic

UEFA shock might just crush Celtic

Celtic’s comical and premature title celebrations of late have been dealt one hell of a funny blow after UEFA confirmed they’re intending to ignore the ‘vote’ and will try their hardest to continue the season in August.

Sure, the chances are that Lennon’s men will still win anyway, albeit they lost their way this time last season as Steven Gerrard’s men went on a 6 win of 7 rampage at the tail end, but UEFA have now clamped down on the ridiculous SPFL vote which is outright begging Parkhead to be the champions.

The governing body have revealed they don’t intend to accept this idiotic outcome and want to give the season every chance to be resolved cleanly.

It’s absurd that we’re looking to UEFA to bring some sense to this madness, and we also know that resuming in August, while possible, is still a tall order, but it makes infinitely more sense than the absurd current resolution of giving Celtic the title instead.

Whether this season can be resolved properly is unknown, but it does look now like the ridiculous vote is going to be rejected by UEFA after all.

Some sense at last.

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