Press exploiting Morelos again – but we’re not sure we blame them

Press exploiting Morelos again – but we’re not sure we blame them

Over the past 24 hours Alfredo Morelos has managed to get into the news for a multitude of reasons, including another charitable gesture.

But the one making the big news, again, is yet more stories linking him away to various PL and European sides, which indicates two things:

1: Morelos remains, and always will while in Scotland, box office, whatever his form – he is the biggest playing star in this country and the biggest sports star behind only his manager. In short, he always draws in the punters.

2: With news slow as it currently is, outlets are getting more desperate to conjure transfer news out of thin air for traffic, and in truth we don’t entirely blame them for that.

But it’s something you’ll never get on Ibrox Noise – we cover what we hear, what we get in, but we will never just manifest a transfer story out of nothing in order to get an audience.

You are valued Rangers fans and our valued readers, and unlike other sources, we won’t exploit you and your interest in Rangers to benefit our partners.

So we’re not going to make anything up about Morelos either.

The problem here is it’s just too tempting for other groups to use his name in relation to speculation in order to get that priceless attention, because he really is that box office.

And just because or anyone else says Morelos is going to Atletico at the end of the season, doesn’t mean he is.

Of course, fans have fallen out of love with the Colombian, and his time at Ibrox probably is drawing to a close, but while we have certainly ‘proposed’ ideas before (like a swap deal with Atletico for Riquelme) we don’t know any more than you that they specifically are definitely preparing a bid for our hitman.

Time will tell if anyone legitimately does, but at the moment, it’s all about taking advantage of his name to make a story.

Technically, we suppose, did we not just do the same thing?

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