Morelos is ‘leaving’ again, and here’s where to…

Morelos is ‘leaving’ again, and here’s where to…

Yesterday we put out a piece about how the press were using Alfredo Morelos at a time of low traffic and no football, how his box office nature was giving them viewers and giving them something to write about.

We don’t even know why we’re surprised, then, that the following day, the oldest story in the book, aka that the same four clubs as always (Leicester, Villa, Newcastle and Crystal Palace) are linked again as signing him in the summer with Rangers ‘resigned’ to losing him.

It’s literally these four identikit names that always surface, with occasional dabs of West Ham thrown in there too, and while the chances are indeed a little higher than normal that Morelos will move on over the course of this year, can’t these outlets at least come up with new clubs?

How about linking him with Everton, Southampton or Burnley?

What about some Portuguese teams like Sporting, Braga, or Benfica? Maybe a Swiss side like Young Boys who he’d have impressed this season.

No, it’s always Villa, Leicester, Palace and Newcastle.

We don’t know exactly what led to Morelos’ dramatic loss of form – but there were signed pre-Christmas. He didn’t have the best match at Fir Park, then struggled v Celtic despite the win, wasting yet more great chances (open goal miss again, anyone) and after the winter break, like the rest, he was AWOL.

But because it’s Morelos, it stood out more – the man banging them in for fun in 2019 wasn’t showing up any more, and there was the off-field piffle to deal with too.

So, there’s little doubt the player’s heart probably isn’t in it any longer, and that’s ok – it’s not like he’s not given us anything the past 3 years.

And as long as Rangers can get a decent profit, this is a sale most fans are now ok with we feel. We don’t expect what he was briefly worth last year, but anything above £5M will be a job well done in these difficult times.

And it probably won’t matter if it’s to Palace, Newcastle, Leicester or Villa…

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