Neil Doncaster has made a slight boo boo

Neil Doncaster has made a slight boo boo

Neil Doncaster tonight, as well as a general anti-Rangers rant, tripped over himself again when claiming that the current crisis affecting sport (and all else) is hurting his ability to replace Ladbrokes as sponsor.

Doncaster, of course, had no global crisis to deal with in 2012 when Clydesdale Bank walked away from the SPL and Scotland’s top flight was without sponsorship, under his jurisdiction, for three years, before Ladbrokes came in with a cheap deal because no one else would.

So pinning the imminent failure to replace the betting company on the global situation actually fails miserably to wash, given he had nothing to blame in 2012 when he spent three years trying to find someone.

Of course, Rangers weren’t in the top flight, but he dared not say that otherwise risk upsetting his green and white paymasters, so que sera sera.

But no, Neil, while we accept the current climate is not conducive to sponsorship, you have previous when it comes to failing badly to find any kind of deal for the Scottish Premiership.

But what does that matter, right?

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