“Give us a refund” – some Rangers fans aren’t happy

“Give us a refund” – some Rangers fans aren’t happy

Rangers recently sent communication out about next season’s season books, and invited existing holders to renew.

This has drawn criticism from some quarters who not only claim the club shouldn’t be plugging next season with all this uncertainty in the air, but that they should refund this season’s unplayed matches.

To say we’re extremely disappointed with the attitude of some sections of the support is understating it rather.

First off, to complain about new season books when the club is already struggling, like many others, to make ends meet during this difficult period, really does strike us as a bit petty at best. Yes, we all know fine that things are up in the air, and we’d prefer to know exactly what we’re paying for, but all rules are changed and bets are off.

Therefore normal logic isn’t currently applicable.

Now, there’s a caveat – not all supporters are wealthy and for the majority a £500+ season ticket is a huge investment which they want to see a return on. But unfortunately simply attacking the club for their actions in these difficult times in trying to find cash to stay afloat doesn’t really strike us as the reaction of a ‘supporter’.

Call us bonkers, but those fans responding with an ‘I totally understand why the club is doing this, but unfortunately I can’t afford to spend this money on uncertainty’ would have been far more sensible and acceptable, rather than whining about the club doing what it can to remain in business.

But then there’s those ‘refunds’ – asking for your cash back because the matches probably won’t be played now really is depressing.

The club is struggling to survive, like other clubs right now, and so asking it to put its hands in its pockets and give back what little cash it has left really leaves a sour taste in our mouths.

We get that our fans, like all fans and most of society right now are worried about their jobs, and every penny counts, and we empathise with these concerns, but Rangers’ very survival depends on having enough cash to keep the lights on and if they refunded all the remaining home matches, those lights are going off.

We know these are hard times, very hard, but let’s try not to take it out on our club, ok?

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