Colossal slap to Celtic’s title face – null and void?

Colossal slap to Celtic’s title face – null and void?

Yesterday’s revelation that select top bookmakers have declared Celtic’s farcical title as ‘null and void’ is a colossal slap in the face for the fools at the top of the SPFL who believed their vote system was anything like a legitimate way to get a valid outcome.

If anyone has any doubt, 2014’s independence referendum was declared 24 hours before the vote was even held, with bookies paying out early on a no vote.

They just do not do that unless they are 150% certain of the outcome.

And if they have declared this preposterous vote as null and vote, this title as null and void, it’s the most powerful discrediting of a league win in football history, more even than the idiocy of the vote itself.

It’s true that bookies will always look for any reason not to pay out, but this is unprecedented – outright declaring a title as invalid and rejecting the outcome because it’s so ridiculous is about as absolute as it gets.

When it comes to football, it really does matter more when there’s money on it. When punters are betting serious cash, bookies have to get it right – and it’s clear for everyone to see that this ‘award’ is beyond a joke and farce.

Frankly it’s kind of hilarious in truth.

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