There’s a nagging little catch with the SPFL vote…

There’s a nagging little catch with the SPFL vote…

As we all know, there is one hell of a farce and stramash over the outcome of the SPFL’s absurd ‘who’s the title winner’ vote in which at least one team was told to change their selection.

However, there’s one small catch with all these absurd celebrations and Celtic fans (and Utd fans) regaling each other over their ‘win’:

They’ve not won a thing.

This vote was just to gain Scottish clubs’ approval of the SPFL’s intention to end the season early and declare – to pass it through, it has to be similarly rubber-stamped by UEFA.

Only then would it be ‘official’, regardless of how invalid, and at present, the record books have this season as suspended still.

UEFA will be ‘meeting’ at various times over the coming months, with next week said to be the imminent gathering (via video call, of course) although whether the SPFL vote will be discussed better people in the know could tell you.

But no matter what, they have to approve the vote themselves before it can be officially declared.

Chances are they probably will, on the grounds of democracy, but there’s every possibility they will look at the farce of how it unfolded and reject the numbers.

We’ll wait with baited breath.

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