Stevie G blames unlikely source for big error

Stevie G blames unlikely source for big error

For our final piece on the stunning content coming from Steven Gerrard about the captain, we look at how he’s effectively criticised the media centre of the club for failing to protect the captain after the controversial column which got so many backs up when Tavernier basically explained why Rangers are in such poor form and how to beat them.

This tactical advice for opponents did not go down well, and rather than criticising his captain for such naïve writing and ill-judged content, instead he blamed Rangers’ in-house systems for failing to spot the work and flag it.

He said:

“Sometimes when you say certain things, it’s got to be checked before it goes out at certain times. You know that and I know that. I think James has maybe said something there that in hindsight he probably doesn’t mean, or it has been taken out of context and he is getting a lot of criticism for it. Maybe it could have been avoided.”

We find this inexplicable, again. So Tavernier has said something utterly dim-witted, frankly, and it’s down to the printer or editor for not flagging it up?

We can just see the program editor or printer criticising the wording and likely losing his job for questioning official club content – this really is utterly bizarre at best.

We’re a little beleaguered here at Ibrox Noise.

No question we’ve committed a tonne of verbal faux pas here, so we’re no hypocrites.

But we’re not officially endorsed by the club so we don’t answer to anyone in terms of our content – like it or lump it we say what we think.

But now Gerrard is protecting his captain from the captain’s repeated errors? Both in print and on the pitch?

The mind boggles…

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