Explosive revelations lift Gerrard and Tavernier lid

Explosive revelations lift Gerrard and Tavernier lid

A James Tavernier and Steven Gerrard shocker has lifted a major potential lid on a deep-rooted problem at Ibrox involving the club captain and the manager, after Gerrard’s confessions about the truth of the nature of Tavernier’s captaincy sounded alarm bells ringing.

Tavernier of course was a controversial choice when the manager came in, with many fans expecting his captaincy under Murty then early Gerrard to only be temporary, but other revelations have come to light and frankly are concerning to say the least.

The part we have a huge problem with is this:

“I think that [does James give everything you expect from your captain?] should remain private between myself and James when we have the daily dialogue. He knows what I demand from him on and off the pitch. So that’s all I want to say on that really.”

This is anything, ANYTHING but a ringing endorsement of his choice for leader on the pitch, and yet he’s the first name on the team sheet.

We simply can’t get our head around this one.

Rather than publicly backing his captain, Gerrard could only say Tavernier knows what’s expected of him – the manager did not state the captain delivers on that.

Right now, on top of the confirmation Goldson will not be dropped, we have to wonder why these two are utterly immune of responsibility.

Why neither player is accountable to their errors and will never lose their place (unlike others) no matter how poor they play.

Fans reacted in rage earlier when we revealed the Goldson story, and we can’t imagine learning the captain is truly in the same boat and in fact is even less accountable than Goldson will do much to justify his selection.

We just don’t know what our manager is trying to achieve with this.

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