Gerrard drops strange hint – we’re left baffled

Gerrard drops strange hint – we’re left baffled

Steven Gerrard’s admission today that Rangers players are ‘vulnerable’ is a comment which we must admit is slightly confusing.

Obviously performances haven’t been the best lately and defeats to the bottom sides back to back have hardly helped the club’s cause, so fans have called for changes.

Gerrard concedes the players are ‘vulnerable’ but we’re a little lost by what he means.

Does he mean they now feel vulnerable in matches, and exposed, and psychologically ‘weak’ – more prone to losing again and mentally not strong enough to handle the pressure?

Or does he mean they’re vulnerable to being dropped?

Let’s look at exactly what he said:

“I think after a performance or a result against Hamilton of course you’re going to look to try to pick the best team available to you first and foremost, and the team that you think can get the job done. But of course after a result like that everyone in the team’s vulnerable of course.”

That does point, possibly, to their places being vulnerable, but then equally he’s confirmed Connor Goldson (and effectively other players he’s loyal to) will retain their places so aren’t vulnerable to any kind of axe at all.

We are just left a little confused we suppose by exactly what the manager’s intentions are – how exactly he and the backroom staff are going to turn around this mess.

Many fans of course demand the players are the ones responsible for doing it, but then they mostly want Tavernier and Goldson binned and that isn’t happening so, we guess we’re really not sure.

Your guess is as good as ours, folks!

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