Connor Goldson and James Tavernier

Connor Goldson and James Tavernier

So, it’s time to ‘tackle’ (because neither of them will) the issue of Connor Goldson and James Tavernier.

Both players are getting heavy stick tonight, particularly Goldson, for yet more hapless errors which cost Rangers goals.

Tavernier, of course, was abysmal at Tynecastle and while McGregor didn’t exactly help (he too is in dismal form) the captain’s shambolic defending led to Hearts’ winner.

Then tonight, Connor Goldson caught napping on the ball before Hamilton poked it home for the winner.

The harsh reality is Steven Gerrard has stuck rigidly loyal to these two on a level we can only compare McCoist’s loyalty to Lee McCulloch.

That ended up with booing, and we have to say, we found that ugly, even if we understood the motive, and tonight came deeply, deeply close to booing.

Stevie has an astonishing loyalty to two players who simply haven’t repaid that. Goldson had a bright summer to November 2018, then a good late December to late January – otherwise he’s been a pretty rotten signing.

Tavernier is no longer the attacking threat he used to be, and can’t defend either. He obviously shouldn’t have the armband.

But our manager is utterly, completely, hard-wire loyal to these two, and simply will not rest them no matter how they play, even when he shows willing to drop other non-performers.

We don’t really get why.

These two players have now cost Rangers a cup semi final and a closure of the gap to Celtic by two points.

And yet, we’d be very surprised if either of them is dropped for Sunday’s trip north to Ross County.

It’s Stevie’s call, but he doesn’t seem to be making the right one.

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