Supporting Rangers

Supporting Rangers

Reaction is strong after tonight’s capitulation to Hamilton.

Fans are in rages over yet more dropped points, and simply losing to a team of the meek quality of New Douglas Park’s finest.

One thing we’re noticing on the site is a textbook response from some readers of ‘support the team’ or ‘go and support Celtic’ or ‘you’re not supporters’ because of the negative tone of our output tonight and after Hearts.

So, we’d ask you this:

We have thousands of regular readers, and you are all appreciated, even those who disagree with us – but how would you feel if our regular content told you all to support the players, the manager, and simply asked you to have faith? That didn’t question a thing and just told you Rangers were fine and would get through this?

Would you feel we were being blind to the result? A great chunk of you would.

Would you feel we were being blind to performances? A great chunk of you would.

We refuse to betray our readers who expect us to be honest and to call it as we see it.

We will draw criticism and abuse from some quarters who expect 100% blind faith and never to question a single negativity from Ibrox. We can live with that.

But it is not a kind of support we or many of our readers can identify with.

For us, praising when things go well, questioning and probing when they don’t, is a fair thing to do when you’re paying money to watch megamillionairess in your shirt along with the megamillionaire manager.

We support by not blindly accepting the bad – we question that stuff. Many do, many are – and they see where we come from.

Because Rangers fans should not accept being beaten by the bottom team twice in a row.

It’s a valid time to be worried, and it’s a valid question to ask – and we will not betray you by putting out content which pretends everything is fine and our players and manager have it under control.

Support does not have to mean unquestioning faith and WATP at all times. WATP indeed, but it’s not to replace legitimate scrutiny of what’s going on at Ibrox right now.

If you do want pure propaganda, we’re probably not the site for you.

And we’re ok with that.

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