We just can’t understand why Stevie did this!

We just can’t understand why Stevie did this!

For all the effectiveness of Rangers’ attack and midfield (eventually) today, one part of the team is going badly backwards, and we can’t do anything other than point the finger directly at the man who did it.

Steven Gerrard, post-match, was critical of his defence, saying it’s not delivering, but who exactly changed it?

Don’t get us wrong, we know it’s not looked watertight this season, with Helander being unconvincing and Goldson taking a long time to get up to speed, but Gerrard’s bizarre criticism after deliberately hijacking his backline for the billionth time is utterly hysterical.

Niko Katic made a mistake v Aberdeen, and lost his place instantly. Unlike any other player in the team, the boy has got absolutely no room for error under Gerrard, one mistake and he’s dropped.

We don’t know why he gets treated this way, but it becomes inexplicable when Stevie then switches his long-standing partnership for a brand new one with a young 22-year old CB and then starts complaining that it’s not good enough.

It gets even better. James Tavernier, well known for being lousy at the back and constantly out of position, has returned, and gone right back (pun not intended) to the way he was; is there any coincidence the infinitely better defending of Matt Polster is missing and suddenly the defence looks frail?

There is no argument Tavernier is better with dynamic runs and attacking play, even if his crossing is hit and miss, but defence has never been his forte.

So we add him and Edmundson, add a brand new defence, add an out-of-form Barisic, and take away Katic and Polster, and there’s a puzzle as to why the back is looking a bit out of sorts?

Not really a puzzle at all, Steven.

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