“Not his usual self” – hit and miss for Rangers players at Hamilton

“Not his usual self” – hit and miss for Rangers players at Hamilton

Some ratings after Rangers thumped Hamilton to book a place in the next round of the SC.


Was completely done for Hamilton’s equaliser, surprisingly not even moving. Just looks a little off right now, not his usual commanding self. 6


While his crossing was abject, his running was enthusiastic, but his nearly complete AWOL nature from defence didn’t help the backline much at all. He did give good forward balance on the right, and linked up well with Aribo. 6


Maybe a little fortunate with a possible handball incident, but otherwise pretty reliable apart from one incident which saw him completely done as well. Tavernier bailed him out on that occasion. 6


Isn’t getting up to speed at all, and made a number of unforced errors. Individually he was ok, but his errors are thanks to having zero understanding with Goldson. Plus is there any coincidence the defence looks as shaky as it does past two matches with Polster and Katic removed? 6


One or two half decent crosses, but unfortunately Barisic is looking a bit like his old self from last season right now. Funny how poor they sometimes get after a new deal… 6


Didn’t have to concentrate on forward play at all, and the role of destroyer worked very well for him. A lot of interceptions, and while not Mr Polished, he did his job reliably. 7


A good industrious midfield performance with a greater demand on using the ball well. He was reliable, dependable, led impressively, and his goal was absolutely sizzling. 8


His best performance as a 10 in our shirt, as he benefited hugely from the tactical changes around him. Looked polished and imaginative, as well as working hard. Look his goal extremely well. 8


Sadly a bit wasted wide out there, but still tried to come inside to have an impact. Missed a bit of a sitter, but his outstanding movement really helped others. A real team player performance. 7


Playing more wide as a conventional winger, Kent looked much better today – he ran at defenders more, got behind them, and got an excellent assist too. Not saying an awful lot but this was his season’s best performance. 8


He’s bang out of form, looks depressed, looks static, and even his goal was barely one he raised a smile for. All the off-field stuff has got to him and he just looks flat. 5


Steven Gerrard gets mixed reviews for this one. On one hand his foolish tinkering with defence has once again undone it, and it’s looking too exposed with a duo who have no understanding, one full back who isn’t fit and can’t much defend anyway while the other is out of form. On the other hand his changes up front made a big difference to Joe Aribo and Ryan Kent in particular who both thrived, and while a bit underused, Hagi helped the team a lot. Ultimately it was a 1-4 win so we all have to be pretty happy with that. 7

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