Injury shocker – Rangers have dodged such a bullet with 22-year old

Injury shocker – Rangers have dodged such a bullet with 22-year old

Readers will remember our exasperation over Graham Dorrans, that since leaving Rangers he’s not had a speck of injury, and that after two years of constant this and that, he’s been completely fine at Dundee.

This isn’t annoyance at him being fit and playing football, it’s annoyance he didn’t do it for us and that his plague mysteriously cleared up the moment he left.

However, he had a partner in crime back in his treatment table days at Ibrox, and that was Jordan Rossiter. Just how is the scouser doing down south at Fleetwood?

Well, sadly for him, the luck Dorrans has carried since he left hasn’t translated to the former Bury man and Rossiter is out for the season, having been injured a couple of months ago.

His curse continues, despite the ironic fact he was fit for four months before he actually left Rangers.

It was firmly expected that the arrival of Steven Gerrard would somehow ‘fix’ Rossiter, that the icon the midfielder modelled his game on couldn’t be the more perfect candidate to get his career back on track.

Once upon a time Rossiter was anticipated as literally the sequel to Gerrard at Anfield – a similar-style player who was the captain of England at youth level.

Watching him flounder at Fleetwood, Gerrard having quickly rejected him, does vindicate his decision sadly completely.

We did and do like Rossiter, but we wonder genuinely how long before he gives up on football, because in the senior game at League One level or higher he’s managed 41 appearances since 2014, the year he started to break through.

In 6 years, barely a full season of performances.

Rangers and Steven Gerrard really did dodge a bullet putting him out on loan.

We just wish it wasn’t a bullet we’d had to dodge at all.

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