Exposed: Ryan Kent and the truth behind the criticism

Exposed: Ryan Kent and the truth behind the criticism

Some Rangers fans have expressed certain doubts about the contribution of Ryan Kent since his return in September.

And it’s true that on the naked eye, the winger hasn’t been destroyed defences in the way he did last season, and even the ‘he’s doing as much as he did before’ defence isn’t entirely accurate as he’s failed to produce many if any of his thrilling defence-shredding runs that punctuated his incredible performances at times last season.

But there’s a different side to this story, more than meets the eye indeed.

Ryan Kent last season in total scored 6 goals with 9 assists. That’s from July till May.

It’s not sensational but it’s pretty good, and with the visual performances at times what they were, he became one we really wanted back.

We’ve only just gone through the half-way point this season, and the numbers make for intriguing reading.

While his assists have plummeted (he’s not even half of his total last year, managing just 3), his goals are already equal to his total last campaign – 6.

This shows Kent’s positioning is getting more out of him as a goal threat this season, and while he’s not assisting in the way he used to, that’s down to the system he’s been played in.

In short, he’s far more central, and scoring more, but we’re not seeing the dynamic wingplay he’s capable of, mainly because of the system.

Is this ideal? Do we want goals, or assists? Do we want him to supply Morelos and others, or do we want him to finish off himself?

It’s 6 of one and half a dozen in our opinion – but the numbers certainly don’t agree with him not producing this season.

He’s just doing it in a different way now.

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