Steven Gerrard has ‘admitted’ he made a big mistake

Steven Gerrard has ‘admitted’ he made a big mistake

Did Steven Gerrard inadvertently just give us some insight into the problems we have been having over the last few weeks?

When Hagi got the ball, Gerrard was screaming to take an extra touch on the ball to get the ball under control.

That’s been the problem for the last two months. Too much time getting the ball just perfect, then telegraphing the pass to the defenders.

Then there was the half-time talk, where he clearly said to just go back to playing the style that Rangers played last year.

Suddenly Hibs were knocked backwards, and we had corner after corner, balls were coming in thick and fast, and we were playing like we did before the winter.

So, Gerrard just ‘admitted’ we had changed the way we were playing. Which is what we have been screaming about for the last few weeks on here, and getting a whole lot of flak for doing so.

So, he just admitted it was not the players’ fault…..It was the manager’s fault for changing the style.

Celtic change many things, but they one thing they do not change is putting bodies into the penalty box.

Yesterday that is what we did, in that second half, and thank God we did have players running around the penalty box, because otherwise we would never have scored – the goal came from a run off the ball in the area.

Gerrard, you did this last year. You did it again this year. If you want to make changes, do it after we are three goals up and then you can experiment.

Now it’s time to get back to regular wins, and to start catching Celtic again.

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