Early results for Steven Gerrard poll are surprising

Early results for Steven Gerrard poll are surprising

We only began this poll a few hours ago, but the results have been very interesting so far indeed.

We’ll evaluate further as it goes on, so these are only preliminary numbers, but we wanted to ask you, the reader, if Steven Gerrard had lost the dressing room, if he’s the right man to take Rangers forward.

While there are more votes still to come in, nevertheless your answers so far are fascinating.

At the time of writing, Steven Gerrard has split fans bang down the middle. 50% believe he’s the right man for the job, and 50% don’t.

But it gets even more interesting over the ‘dressing room’ question – are the players still onside, or is there some loss of loyalty?

A stunning 61% of you believe he has lost the favour of the squad, and only 39% think the players still back him.

For all the replies we get saying ‘back the manager’ and that the idea of losing the dressing room is ‘nonsense’, the numbers say something else entirely.

Your numbers, not ours.

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