SFA outrage goes on as Rangers suffer blatant ‘cheating’…

SFA outrage goes on as Rangers suffer blatant ‘cheating’…

We’re not going to make any excuses, because Rangers were terrible last night and fully deserved the loss.

But on a factual basis, it wasn’t a Killie goal and it definitely was a Rangers one.

John Beaton, hardly a great ref at the best of times, was yet the latest in a long line of refs failing to be impartial, failing to protect both sets of player with the same vigour and denying Rangers legitimate decisions.

There’s been more call for VAR but it still requires the ref’s authorisation and participation. And at the end of the day, Rangers are suffering a glut of refereeing decisions which clearly go against us.

It’s not blatant. It’s not like Morelos was in acres of space, scored a goal, then got hauled back for an unknown misdemeanour.

It’s those 50/50s. Those borderline ones, the ones which could go either way, the big ones, which always mysteriously go against Rangers.

Bobby Madden was blatant, and we can’t say Beaton wasn’t either.

And while Freddo did have his hands on the defender, it was barely a foul. Those are never given, especially not when it’s the defender in the box. Except when it’s Katic, of course, which confirms our point.

There is a definite agenda against Rangers within the SFA.

The men in black are a 12th man.

But it doesn’t excuse how utterly rubbish we’ve been either.

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