Transfer update: there’s been a ‘change’ in the past week at Ibrox

Transfer update: there’s been a ‘change’ in the past week at Ibrox

After a flurry of tabloid stories over the past two weeks surrounding Glen Kamara, Jordan Jones, Borna Barisic, Alfredo Morelos, James Tavernier and Joe Aribo, we can’t help but notice just how quiet the transfer speculation has been since Rangers travelled to Dubai.

They travel back today, but the absence in the past week of much if any speculation about Rangers players departing has been notably conspicuous.

Almost as if, due to their distance away, lazy journos have been unable to conjure up the stories – perhaps an insider feeding rubbish to put hacks off the scent is away in the camp with the squad, who knows?

But we’ve definitely spotted less stories about who’s leaving, and actually more about who might be coming in.

Peru’s Tapia is the main name being mentioned, along with a couple of lads from Osijek, and we have to say that’s the kind of story we prefer to hear, rather than our best players being linked out.

Yes, Stevie did confirm Borna Barisic is a genuine target for some teams, including Roma, but that’s more stating the obvious that one of Britain’s best five left backs would interest some big European sides.

And yet, aside that, very little lately. Even the Morelos stuff has dried up every since Newcastle conceded defeat, and Aribo, Kamara and Tavernier to name but three have been left in peace for once.

It is of course a compliment hearing sides want your best players – it means they’re delivering. It is, however, lazy journalism to link the same sides with the same players every window even when the managers in question dismiss the story.

So, this past week has been a welcome change, no?

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