Stevie might have a plan B, and it’s not what you think

Stevie might have a plan B, and it’s not what you think

Once again James Tavernier has been linked with a move out – the 28-year old is certainly happy at Rangers, but if Newcastle United, supposedly interested, were to make a massive offer Rangers ‘can’t refuse’, it would be down to the player whether or not he stayed or joined the bright lights of the English Premier League.

But while this isn’t ideal for Steven Gerrard, and indeed most responses we’ve had to this story is that Tavernier would be a disruptive sale that could hurt our league title pursuit, could the manager have a plan B to compensate anyway?

American Matt Polster has barely had a sniff since joining a year ago – the right back, a major reason Chicago Fire had such an exceptional season before such a poor one after his injury, has certainly waited for his chance, and could he have been signed as a plan B for the club captain in the first place?

If we recall, Tavernier himself was, to put it frankly, a career failure before he arrived at Ibrox (for only £250,000) – 5 years at Newcastle saw countless loans, before an ill-fated spell at Wigan saw him loaned out again.

It wasn’t till Rangers signed him that he made something of himself. So it’s very easy to suggest one player ‘clearly isn’t’ an adequate replacement for another when the one he’s replacing actually had a much less impressive CV before he joined Rangers. And the man Tavernier joined with, Martyn Waghorn, was also a failure at the same price, and didn’t do so well at Ibrox before excelling down south with Derby.

In short, could Polster have been signed as a low cost but high-quality replacement in the event of Tavernier leaving. This would give Rangers the funds to bolster the squad, while having a ready-made replacement on the books to replace Tavernier?

Before we continue, we’re not actually advocating Tavernier’s sale – we’re not his biggest admirers, true, but we do accept what he gives the side and his importance to Stevie – and we’d like as little disruption as possible.

So this is more a theory about why Polster might be at Ibrox, rather than promotion of Tavernier’s sale.

Because why DO you sign such a good player not to play him?

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  1. This whole thing with 'the ornament' Matt Polster, is strange. The bad thing is, we have some fantastic players, just not getting a chance. Surely we could play Polster and the likes of Edmundson, in the games that we are predicted to win, by a mile. To see what they've got in games. Who knows how much else brilliant talent we have, because they're never getting played. I know now, how Ryan Kent must have felt, at Liverpool. Thing is, I do believe Polster, is a high quality plater. He probably spends more time carrying his Gf's handbag, than he does, playing for us.

  2. agreed. polster will be deemed a poor buy by rangers without having really been given a chance to prove himself

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