Staggering press report inexplicably smears Ryan Jack

Staggering press report inexplicably smears Ryan Jack

Ibrox Noise noted with amusement the Daily Express’s Chisanga Malata’s Rangers ratings for last night’s draw with YB.

Alerted by an Ibrox Noise regular to the fact Ryan Jack was preposterously given a 4 by this journalist, we thought we’d have a look at some of the rest of the scores such a massive national publication has given Rangers players after a hard-fought night in Govan:

Most of the defensive scores were ok – 6 out of 10 in most cases. But bewilderingly Malata praised Borna Barisic the most while giving him the worst score, 5.5. Apparently the OG, which wasn’t his fault, knocked 2.5 off his rating?

Then the summary for Ryan Jack was absolutely plain wrong:

He received the ball 70 times, he had an 85% passing percentage, he managed a stonking 4 tackles, 4 interceptions, and 4 clearances, and was deeply unfortunate to receive two bookings in trying to bail out Glen Kamara. 4/10? Ridiculous.

Joe Aribo too suffered the wrath of this journo – despite having one of his best matches in our shirt he got 5.5.

The rest of the scores weren’t a million miles off but those three really stood out as ridiculously unfair, wrong and absurd.

Hey, we’re guilty too – many times we’ve put out ratings and had flabbergasted responses telling us we don’t have a clue.

Seeing the Express’s Malata at work, now we know how you all feel!

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  1. Nobody cares, what an arsehole writes. If I had my way, the worst offenders, would be put on an 'Ibrox ban' until they sorted their venomous heads, out!

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