These 7 Rangers players could leave in January, and there’s a bit of a shock…

These 7 Rangers players could leave in January, and there’s a bit of a shock…

There’s no denying some movement will take place in January at Ibrox, but it’s widely-accepted most of it will be departures, and, in most cases, those of expendable personnel unneeded under Steven Gerrard.

Ibrox Noise takes you through a pile of the players who just aren’t needed any more.

Jamie Murphy:

Let’s face it, his Ibrox days are numbered. Even when Rangers suffered a crisis some months ago on the left wing with barely a player available on that side the former Brighton man still wasn’t considered. Gerrard tried to loan him out in the summer but it didn’t materialise and deep into November and the attacker still isn’t in the picture. If the right offer comes in (loan or permanent) we can’t see anyone rejecting it.

Greg Docherty:

Strong rumours he’ll be on his way in the winter – loan or permanent we can’t be sure, but given he’s completely out of the picture under Stevie it’s a waste of a talented 23-year old who has much more to offer than an occasional seat on the bench. We’ve not heard any concrete links as of yet but plenty of sides would want this lad.

Matt Polster:

Came amidst some fanfare almost a year ago but has faded into obscurity – the one-time USA cap would have expected more than 4 appearances for Rangers in all this time, but cannot displace captain James Tavernier, or get a foot in the door in midfield either. Either he’s happy picking up his wage or he’s one who’ll seek first-team football elsewhere in January.

Eros Grezda:

Rangers aren’t thrilled with this guy. The spitting incident aside, there seems to be mild bad blood where it comes to him, and the sooner we can get him off the books the better. He’s a waste of a wage, but Rangers don’t want to lose a potentially valuable asset for pennies. We don’t want to do another Fabio Cardoso or even Daniel Candeias.

George Edmundson:

Maybe a shock selection but he’s not being given a sniff of the first team and at only 21 this promising young defender surely isn’t content with being on the bench every week. They do say to bide your time but then other players of his age haven’t had to – look at Ojo. Either way, Edmundson may be considering his options come January – not a great idea for his career to waste away in the dugout and get no first-team football.

Andy King:

We’re at a complete loss as to why we signed this guy. A simple cease of loan and return to parent club seems the best bet for all concerned.

Jon Flanagan:

With Borna Barisic and James Tavernier monopolising the fullback slots Flanagan has become a bit of a dead rubber. Sure, he may be happy fitting in as a squad player and making occasional appearances, but these are meant to be the best years of his career and he’s not doing much at Ibrox now.

There are other players, but those are probably the main ones in terms of the chafe.

Anyone else you’d get shot of? Any of these you totally disagree with?

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  1. Edmundson is going nowhere, the guy is young and will be an asset in the future 1 injury and Flanagan is a starter so doubt he'll be away either.

  2. Any of them could go and most of them should but I'd be very surprised if Edmundson was one of them. And I still think Docherty has the tools to make a great full back for Rangers. I remember the great Sandy Jardine making the move from midfield to full back and he became one of the very best to grace the shirt.

  3. No on Edmundson. We need 4 CBs, and if they are happy on the bench, they are not good enough for us. They need to be fighting and pushing for a jersey.
    No on Flanagan. Quality, ex-England international. We need cover for both FBs, he can do both. Let him go and we need to find 2 replacements who are "too good for the bench"
    I agree with all the others. Docherty I would like to lend because King should be off, Davis has maybe 18 months left and Kamara will leave in the summer. Murphy I have a soft spot for, but I cannot see a way back into the team for him, we have evolved beyond him. Even if he can play CAM, we have Arfield, Aribo, Stewart and Docherty who can all cover that role.
    Polster has not done enough and Grezda we just want him gone

  4. Edmundson I don't agree. He was signed as 1 for future & would leave us short with only 3 centre half's same with Flanagan his leaving would leave no cover at fb espec if pollster goes.

  5. Agree with nearly all of these apart from Edmunds on, he's done well with the little chances he's had. Looks quick and strong and will improve. I'd include Barker on this list, doesn't look a player at all. Go sign gnanduillet from Blackpool he's only 6 months left and would be a good signing.

  6. Ok don't like the spitting thing. But I like Grezda got potential in my opinion. I'd have Edmundson in the team before Goldson. Flanagan we need for cover. Think Kamara will go January for big bucks.

  7. We need to keep Edmundson, and Flanagan. Four good centre backs are essential, and Flanagan is our best defensive full back who can play right or left and is quality cover for our full backs.
    Ideally I would like to see Docherty go on loan to a Championship club, to get experience and see if he can perform at a higher level than the first division.
    The others could go, and I would add Halliday to the list of players that are not needed.

  8. Halliday add too the list with Kamara and tavanier and with one or two additions the making of a decent side.

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