SPFL and SFA apologise to Rangers…

SPFL and SFA apologise to Rangers…

As everyone now knows (but not everyone (hint anyone) will admit), Rangers have been completely vindicated over any wrong-doing 7+ years ago.

The stunning Times revelations reveals that due to, as yet, unidentified means, reasons or origin, Rangers were overcharged by HMRC to the tune of around £60M when something under £20M was more accurate.

This invalid sum, chased up by the Inland Revenue, was simply too much for Rangers’ coffers to pay, and despite it being effectively illegal, it caused Rangers’ existing holding company to cease trading and nearly cost Rangers fans their club.

For 7 years this club has had every vindictive jibe under the sun thrown at it, from cheats, tax dodgers, sc*m of the earth, you name it.

Yesterday’s report from a highly-respected newspaper, following an investigation, confirms Rangers did absolutely nothing wrong and were charged a sum they were unable to pay.

Ergo, the apology from the SPFL, SFA and Scottish football at large has been thoroughly welcomed.

Hint: irony alert.

Rather than accept the findings and apologise like men, we’ll hear nothing.

The BBC have already effectively whitewashed the story, leaving it to the ‘gossip’ columns and no more, while the major of news north of the border has absolutely ignored this.

Only in Scotland could an institution like Rangers being scammed in this manner not be worthy of discussion, or indeed apology.

Rangers are considering legal action over what happened 7 years ago, and as well they might. But you won’t hear a soul in this country admit they were wrong.

Indeed, following this story the site received an email abusing the club further, asking us why we had a problem with the BBC and Sportscene among others, and why did we feel superior to them.

If nothing else indicates what’s wrong with this country, that’s it.

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  1. A certain mr Reid should see out the rest of his bitter life in prison and I’m serious. This is seriously disturbing

  2. Our club has been slandered, we've had to put up with all kinds of humiliation. We need to get to the bottom of this. We need financially compensated. A simple apology, is not going to cut it.

  3. Ditch the amateurs that the club normally use and hire the fat mans lawyers tae sue whoever is responsible… we'd have top professional representation and it'd upset him tae boot if we won a commensurate amount.

  4. If this happened in America, the lawsuits against the Govt would leave the Gers as the richest club in the world… bastards…

  5. We all know that it was a witch hunt and certain individuals, organisations and clubs just could not wait to "put the boot into" our club. The sorry mess that Scottish football has been in for the last seven years speaks for itself. Only in Scotland, you just couldn't make it up!

  6. You can take our dignity you can take our money,but you can't take our club. WATP, it's time we got a refund so come on Mr. King get the boxing gloves on.

  7. This club has proved over the7 years that they are scotlands biggest club the resliance to get back to the top says it all.make them.all eat hummble pie by talking on the pitch .

  8. We can't just let this go they need taking to task and Sue them for every thing we can and celtic would never be looking for 9 in a row no where near

  9. Feel sick about the full thing at the time something didn't add up we are hated as a club through jealousy because we are the people.

  10. Our heads shall as ever remain high.like the Royal Family,people will always have a go at us as they always attack those who are superior.

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