Rangers will soon have a chance to make Scottish football history

Rangers will soon have a chance to make Scottish football history

As we mentioned before, there are a huge number of incentives to winning the Betfred Cup next month.

Obviously, it’s credible top-flight silverware at Ibrox for the first time in 8 years, and that is worth its weight in… well… silver, frankly.

Secondly it avenges September’s embarrassing capitulation to Neil Lennon’s men on our own patch, with everyone from management down to the players fudging that one badly.

But thirdly is maybe the most crucial for Scottish football as a whole, and the biggest deal in three years:

It stops Celtic winning the frankly ludicrous quadruple treble.

Parkhead has had a disgracefully unchallenged domestic monopoly since 2016, with Brendan Rodgers’ haul being utterly rampant and without peer.

Neil Lennon, to be fair to him (not that we want to be) has rather continued that on the trophy front even if his team doesn’t appear to be as good as the now-Leicester boss’s was – and it’s time for Rangers to step up and bring a serious trophy somewhere in Scotland that isn’t Celtic Park.

To win four trebles in a row would be a complete dictatorship which simply goes beyond domestic dominance – no one wins four. Hell, no one wins three. In fact, no one does it twice, especially not two seasons running.

So you see the Betfred Final has so much riding on it.

And Rangers under this manager are capable of delivering it.

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  1. I'm just back from Spain so missed the weekend match , good result . Can believe that Celtic fans booed the silence at Motherwell game but for them to sing shove the poppy where the sun doesn't shine is a new low even for them , it was about men and women dying in the world wars for us to survive , it's perfectly fine being Catholic but dont live here then slag off the country that you are living in .

  2. I suspect more Celtic fans died in these wars than the number of scumbags vilifying the honour of all those who defend our country.
    But I doubt they are smart enough to realise that, knuckle dragging scum

  3. According to some mates Neil Lennon has Celtic playing better than what it was under Rodgers in his last season.
    Hopefully we have learned our lesson from September and take the cup, a nice way to start the Christmas period.
    Oh can you remember the league cup used to get called the Mickey mouse cup. Hopefully we are on our way to viewing it that way again. Just need to start winning the league

  4. It's a crucial game for us. Can see there being bitter recriminations for any Rangers player who costs us, so they had better, get their heads right. Failure, is not an option.

  5. Your question is missing one important option, i.e. Don't Know. Nobody does. Of course we want to and we believe we have a great chance. But anything else is misplaced bluster. Don't forget how the early season optimism was soon washed away with a poor performance against Ceptic. They are the holders and the favourites and we'll need to be at the top of our game to take the trophy home.

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