Media giant in staggering attack on Ibrox


The BBC have outdone themselves once again with a smear attack on Rangers on the day of the cup semi final, doing all they can to destabilise Steven Gerrard and his men.

The notoriously anti-Rangers corporation presents a headline of pure negativity about Rangers, as you can see from our headline photo, and instead of giving any sense of neutrality about this final, makes it very clear Rangers are the enemy.

At a basic level it’s true, Rangers’ record in domestic finals in recent years is ghastly – we don’t deny that.

But it’s very interesting that Pacific Quay focuses on that rather than any major mention of the absolute chaos happening at Tynecastle by the side inexplicably rock-bottom of the table having fired their manager.

Just when Rangers look good on the home front, the BBC’s northern tranche pulls this trash out of the fire as a way of attacking us. Again.

But all it’ll do is galvanise us.

The BBC hate us and do not want us to get to the final.

Even more interestingly for the BBC is a complete lack of accountability on this article – usually the BBC, with pieces like this, have the author’s name printed. This time it’s anonymous.

No shock really.

Just like their venom isn’t either.

No one likes us…


  1. Be more surprised if they weren't like that. But it is not even a minor distraction. Just BBC bias. Ignore and move on

  2. BBC is a joke, it's so outdated, only a matter of time before it shuts down just like ofcom says. We'll alway have the last laugh!

  3. It must be remembered that The BBC is a Tory right-wing organisation and as such holds no regard for anything that is Scottish. Taking that into account along with Tory media being Home County centric same as Westminster I am now a Rangers and Scottish Independence supporter. Now is the time to take stock of your allegiances. ALL directors of The BBC are handpicked by The Tory if we become independent The Tory will be no more.

    • so your teaming up with the republicans at the piggery to break up the UK ,honestly go hang your head in shame

    • British and always will be same as Rangers only British club.Take it you're a republican in disguise .Surgeons a rat

    • Unfortunately Matt too many folk can not separate football and politics, I believe the same as you. However, i do believe football and politics should be separate and don't see the point in discussing politics on a football site. We may leave the EU and we may leave the UK, but we will always be British, and we'll always be European, that will never change.

  4. BBC Scotland is just the provisional wing of a corporation which is suffering a malaise of political correctness and liberal-left bias. They take an editorial position based on their own prejudices and any dissent is interpreted as confirmation of their own virtue. Eventually they are going to make themselves extinct, characterised by increasing loss of respect along the way. Shame really.

  5. Let the haters keep on hating no one cares wat they say time they changed the record boring out of date rip BBC u won't be missed

  6. This piece has Tom English written all over it. BBC Scotland will be the death of themselves.
    Butthe Gers will still go marching on!

  7. The tory hater, jaysus where are these heidthebawz coming from… I'm a rangers fan and fir Scottish independence.mate do us all a favour and fuck off.

  8. BBC is rotten to the core, just like Celtic FC & (the so called) Seperate Entity Boys Club. Paedophiles should be named, shamed and hanged. WATP!

  9. Fuck the BBC…..WATP…..the union must be kept so take your independence and stick it right up your shutters…acting like time!!!!!

  10. BBC scum. When it comes to smearing Rangers they plumb the depths of depravity at every turn.
    By defeating Hearts we have just laid to rest their little negative story.
    On another positive, what they won't tell you is that Rangers have won the league cup 27 times, more than any other team in Scotland.
    Write something about that BBC,I doubt it, now crawl back into your cave and see what other anti-Rangers negative garbage you can conjure up.
    Scum of the earth.

  11. Would take anything the BBC say with a very large pinch of salt. We're on our way to our rightful place and they're all shitting themselves. A corrupt organisation who will bash us with the shit stick any chance they get, hopefully it won't be much longer until they no longer exist.

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