“Punching Berra in the face – 9” – Rangers players rated v Hearts

“Punching Berra in the face – 9” – Rangers players rated v Hearts

Rangers strolled their way to a trouble-free Betfred Cup final today after a complete dispatch of Hearts.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings for the performers this afternoon:


We swore we saw him puffing a Lambert and Butler at one point. But he’ll be fuming at Steven McLean (and referee Beaton) when a shocking ‘tackle’ on him did not see a second booking. N/A


A solid enough performance from the captain. Not great, not awful, but did enjoy one or two good moments in the opposing half and bailed out the god-awful Goldson (spoiler?) once or twice. 7


Complacency has completely taken over this man and he’s realised he’s immune to being dropped and only has to put our shirt on and that’s enough. Stumbled over the ball at least twice, fell once or twice, and gave the ball away repeatedly, barely won a thing in the air. We can’t quite fathom how this guy is still in the team. 2


Wasn’t at the races particularly (made Barisic really fight for a simple pass) but picked up once his opportunistic goal was in the back of the net. Still hasn’t quite convinced on a domestic level yet, but certainly isn’t being helped by his idiot of a partner. 6


Last match he looked mortal as he had a quiet one, and while he was more involved this time he lacked quality with his deliveries. Just having a little lull right now, and while good enough and providing solid balance, isn’t excelling as he was before. 6


Struggled like others for the first 10 minutes to string passes, but once up to speed he was solid, orchestral and elegant. Quiet by his normal standards but more than enough to compete with this Hearts. 7


Another one guilty of stumbling, Kamara worked hard and certainly helped going forward, but this wasn’t his best performance. A little loose early on though like the rest tightened as the match progressed into Rangers’ hands. 6


Not quite as good as usual but still great, Jack’s form was summed up by a massive tackle in Hearts’ half – got it right, caused pressure, and the fans roared. Supported well in attack. A solid day again from potentially the future captain of this club. 8


Very very ordinary, again. We thought this guy had lost his place but no, he’s back – adds nothing to the team, and while his performance v Ross County was a notable improvement, this was regression. 5


Lively and energetic, Kent was a source of absolute trauma for Hearts. Constant menace, ravagingly quick, and while this wasn’t the best he’s ever been, even a 50% Kent is still far too much for the Gorgie men. 8


A double and an assist, while basically punching Christophe Berra in the face. We’re happy with this. 9


Steven Gerrard was under pressure to make a cup final, and get Rangers there, and while the first 10-15 minutes weren’t great, after that it was one-way traffic and he’ll be pleased his system and players worked hard for him. Not the most absolutely vintage display under him, and some individuals made a few too many errors, but overall it was a very good performance and his selection was the right one. 8

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  1. Thought we played well today. Tavernier was more solid and continually popped up to assist the attack. The middle 3 were excellent,particularly Davis, and completely dominated the midfield. And actually I thought Ojo looked dangerous in the second half

  2. Tav didnt assist Helander. Good assist for Morelos tho. Harsh on Goldson, was ok…like most. I would like to see Katic & Helander but not going to happen.

  3. When is Gerrard going to drop Goldston and ogo ? Between them its constantly like being a man down , they are hardly going to improve if they feel they are bulletproof. This is my only criticism of Gerrard but something has to give , its driving me nuts now .

  4. Have to say, am pleased for Tav. But I still believe players should see, supporter's comments. Managers won't always tell them it, as it is. But Tav seems to have taken it on the chin and come back good. So, fair enough.

  5. Noshow is a complete embarrassment. He brings absolutely nothing to the team and is a passenger we can't afford to take into upcoming, important games. If there is something in the loan deal stipulating he must play in x number of games let's make this our last Liverpool loanee.

  6. Big Al 5 November 2019 at1515
    When will Goldson be replaced. He is the weak link in back four. Surely Katic and Helander would be the answer. They would compliment each other and grow into a fine pairing. Can't fault the manager otherwise.

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