Jubilant Rangers fans may have missed THIS in Rotterdam…

Jubilant Rangers fans may have missed THIS in Rotterdam…

Rangers fans are still rightly riding the crest of an amazing wave following a fine 2-2 in Rotterdam, but while Alfredo Morelos’ opening goal was a stunning finish, what has been less focused on is the build up play which led to it.

The finish helped change the game, absolutely, but the sequence of play which resulted in that belting header was as good as if not even better than it.

Steven Davis, around 30 yards from his own goal, using all his near-20 years experience to see Ryan Kent’s run from deep and spray an inch-perfect pass out wide over around 50+ yards.

Kent, taking the ball with such awareness, letting its flight continue and judging pace to keep up with it, allowing it to fly behind then bounce over him before he killed it stone dead and bent a pinpoint inswinging cross with his right foot after cutting back.

Morelos then absolutely destroyed Argentinan rookie Marcos Senesi to power an incredible header in from a tight angle.

It goes without saying that while the Colombian’s header was superb and every inch the result of his stunning season, the double assist from Davis and Kent was bordering on world class.

With the way Rangers had played up till then, this moment came from nowhere, and if the cliché ‘it’ll take a moment of genius to turn this game round’ ever applied, this whole goal was it.

The second goal wasn’t ‘alf (see what we did there) bad either mind you…

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