The five ‘controversies’ of Alfredo Morelos

The five ‘controversies’ of Alfredo Morelos

Over the course of 3 days or so, Alfredo Morelos has become the centre of attention to maybe the highest level he’s ever ‘suffered’.

First, he won player of the month for September, then a red top attacked him for his refusal to do media work as a result of that, smearing his attitude and bringing some mildly xenophobic overtones to it, then he scored an opportunistic goal to get Rangers a point at Tynecastle, before an apparent racist in the crowd voiced their displeasure at Morelos’ celebration and an investigation was launched. Then he got himself in a fracas and received a yellow for dissent.

We’re going to have a look at each of these in turns:


Well deserved, he was excellent in September with 3 league goals and 2 assists, one being in the cup. He also had a bright match v Feyenoord even if he didn’t score. He also managed his temper well and looked to be in some of the form of his life. So, good stuff there.

Red Top attack:

So, in short, a national rag suggested Morelos is a disgrace for not doing media work, for never speaking to the press, and questioned him on a slightly xenophobic level bringing former winger Daniel Candeias into it (we’ve had a lot of emails about this article). They also had some strong accusations to levy at Morelos. To address this, we don’t completely disagree with the criticism of his refusal to do media – he could speak through an interpreter if he isn’t comfortable speaking English in public – because we saw him speaking in front of a pile of microphones during the international break for Colombian media, and he looked completely at ease in that environment. He just won’t for Rangers and we don’t fully know why. BUT we definitely stop short of the mild racial and xenophobic overtones this article appeared to convey, nor would we question the man’s character. He certainly has issues with attitude, yes, but this column went too far in tone over how it criticised him.


He was in the right place at the right time to bang one away, exploiting Aaron Hickey’s naivete to get the point.


Then he ran to the Gorgie crowd, where a toothless gentleman appeared to especially disquieted with the celebration (which was irresponsible, let’s not sweep over that one) and allegedly hurled reprehensible comments which are now being investigated by the club.


This was the first time this season Morelos’ red mist has really come down, and he suffered the frustration of a terrible Rangers performance (and his own, goal aside) as the red-blooded Hispanic in him let it out. He received a booking, his first domestic of the season.

Overall, he’s not had a quiet time of it.

We draw no overall conclusions over any of this, incidentally, it’s just been a lively period for our Colombian striker.

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  1. Re journalists, answer is simple. Let the journo learn Spanish. He is the one who wants the interview.
    Or is he being disrespectful of his readers who want to devour his articles? Both of them?

  2. Alfie might have been pissed that he gets us even, while Tav just costs us! All his good work, down the swany!

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