Rangers fans call for surprise name to be axed….

Rangers fans call for surprise name to be axed….

Rangers fans have started to call for star midfielder Scott Arfield to be dropped, following another jaded display from the Canada midfielder.

The Canuck captain underwent a torrid international break, including 12,000 miles on the plane, where he led his men to a historic win over USA for the first time in three decades, but the toll of this was evident at Tynecastle where he cut a tired figure and wasn’t hugely influential.

And fan response, while the player is highly rated, has been categorical – the manager’s decision to play him after such a rigorous physical and mental fortnight was a distinct oversight and the 30-year old needs a rest.

There is nagging feeling with Arfield that he hasn’t quite hit the heights this season at basic level, having something like a 7/10 season – good enough but not at his full capacity, and an argument could definitely be made that he still hasn’t truly recovered from his summer, where he got two weeks off before he was off to USA for the Gold Cup with Canada.

The Canucks lost in the quarters and this meant Rangers got him back earlier than expected, but this also meant Rangers got him back earlier than expected and he played a big role in the Europa League qualifiers, although he did miss the initial trip to Gibraltar on account of Gold Cup duty.

In short, Arfield, despite he and Gerrard’s claims that he’s in the best physical condition of his career, clearly isn’t, and it’s starting to feel a little bit again like he needs a break.

It feels like he just hasn’t had a proper spell on the sidelines at Ibrox, and while his form has rarely been poor, the lack of opportunity to refresh himself may now be catching up on him.

We’ll put this one over to you.

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  1. arfield, and ojo have done nothing there supposed to make goals or score goals ,aribo isnt far behind hes supposed to be a superstar ,i think deep down we all know where this team is heading ,we have a manager who wants to give his players a wage rise when they have a good game , watp

  2. We lack creators, people chipping in with goals and assists, apart from Tavernier. So maybe he needs to move forward. Either a 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 or 3-4-2-1, something with wingbacks.
    Or bring Flanagan in behind him, Tav is doing better than Ojo going forward and is a better defender than Ojo.

    • Unfortunately Ojo isn't the measure Tavernier needs to aspire to when it comes to defending. It would be hard to convince Tavernier is a better defender than anyone after recent performances and his attacking was woeful against Hearts.

    • Rob, I would suggest Ojo is the measure Tavernier needs to aspire to if he wants to be a good right wing. We know he is not the best defender, which is why I suggested Flanagan behind him. As a winger, Tav attacks better than Ojo and defends better than him so would offer more support to Flanagan. SG may feel he is not good enough as a winger though.

    • The problem with playing 3-5-2 is that you usually end up with full backs, in our case Tavernier and Barisic, playing as wingers. What then do you do with the multitude of dedicated wingers we have at our disposal? What do you do with £7m Ryan Kent?

  3. Tav and Arfield need a rest. This shouldn't be a problem as we have good cover and players on top form like Edminston who could "hold" a midfield in Jack's absence. Surely we need to see what Poulster is made of at right back and to give Stewart a shot of playing in a number 10 role.
    The problem isn´t lack of numbers ' it´s misguided loyalty by SG.

  4. I find it hard to believe that young men, in their prime need so much, rest & recuperation. Maybe he's just been exposed as 'not good enough.'

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