“How often have we said this – 9” – Rangers players rated against Motherwell

“How often have we said this – 9” – Rangers players rated against Motherwell

Yesterday afternoon Rangers grinded their way to a hard-fought win against a tough Motherwell side who clearly weren’t there to make up the numbers.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings on a win Steven Gerrard’s men had to make.


Will be gutted to have been beaten the way he was, even if the finish was sharp. Didn’t have a lot else to do really, nothing outstanding at least. 6


Another missed penalty but did assist the winner via corner for Helander, this was a patchy performance at best from Tavernier who really isn’t in a good place right now. He’s making individually solid moments but his overall demeanour and quality of play isn’t up to scratch. 6


Gave the ball away a number of times, some of which were extraordinarily poor and as usual was outside most of the notable defensive moments – never seems to be in the thick of the hard defending. Gone beyond complacency and has utterly lost any right to the shirt. But he’ll remain first choice. 5


Not the superb Helander who held out Porto almost-singlehandedly, the Swede doesn’t appear to have adjusted yet to the pace and power of the SPL, and struggles to keep up or indeed read the game domestically. A bit easily done for Motherwell’s goal, but he did get the match winner with a sterling header. 6


How often have we said this this season: ‘our best defender’. In this case by a country mile. Maybe no assists this time but some of his delivery/passing again was outstanding and defensively he was superb, with growing confidence to commit to convincing brute force stopping as well as immaculate reading of the game. He bailed out Kamara a few times on Thursday, yesterday it was the turn of Helander to say thank you more than once. 9


He was fairly good, if not perfect – played through the pain barrier for much of this one and it did impair him a touch, but he still managed some lovely passes regardless. Really has become a total leader for this team. 8


This lad is really dividing fans. There’s no denying we see some very nice moments from him, but we saw them from Ovie Ejaria too – just like Ejaria fans are judging what they see with Aribo, and while he had some very clever footwork which helped particularly in the first half, overall his contribution just isn’t quite hitting the spot yet. 6


A very underrated performance, Arfield looked a little refreshed from a week off, and did a lot of good work off the ball – he was responsible for a great deal of ball winning and pressing, and did his best stuff when he was chasing opponents down. A gritty and effective display. 7


A hard-working performance, lacking in much incision, Barker looks a solid winger who will do a turn but in the grand scheme of things won’t be much more than squad. He didn’t let himself down but didn’t stand out much either. His injury, unfortunately, was no big loss to the XI. 6


Completely ineffective performance from Stewart, barely noticeable and the first to be hooked on a tactical basis. No wonder. 5


Clinical goal, but otherwise cut a bit of a frustrated figure on an afternoon where he didn’t get much service, and got bullied off the ball a lot. 6



Certainly his lowest-impact since returning, he managed one good run but ran out of ideas at the end of it. He’ll be better than this, but then he probably wasn’t expecting such a big cameo. 6


Didn’t really have a big impact which was unlike him. Maybe looking a little tired. 5


Had one decent run where, as usual, his decision making completely let him down. 5


Steven Gerrard promised changes and he did make a few – Stewart got a start along with Defoe, and there was major adjustment in midfield. Unfortunately it made for a very disjointed performance with very few outstanding players. He wanted to rest personnel, but sadly the rotation didn’t work this time, and he, like the fans and the players, can just be delighted and relieved a match which looked to slip away still yielded 3 points. That was all that ultimately mattered. 7

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  1. 7 for Arfield were you drunk watching it??.
    Been as well staying on the bus TBH, pure rank he was and I would have struggled to give him a 3 with Aribo 3.3 he also should have stayed on the bus playing cards with Arfield.
    Barisic my MOTM by a good bit, thought Tav played decent also and I'm not a big fan, his pen was unlucky to be fair but the witch hunt is still in full bloom from so called Rangers men.
    His confidence is rock bottom atm so why does our supporters think throwing fuks into him will pull him out of the rut?
    Halfwits IMO*

  2. Not a good performance but getting the 3 points is what matters,also think we're still getting bullied by this m/well team especially in the 1st half and would also say m/well were lucky to keep 11 men on the field due to persistent fouling from the 3 that were booked for them,as for tavernier being given a hard time from sections of the crowd according to Gerard,well guess what….It's you that's partly to blame for tavernier being put in this position by not giving him a wee break like you do with other players or put/keep him further forward away from right back,just try it ffs…. Oh and by the way I watched the Liverpool/spurs game lat night and guess what,Jordan Henderson was getting it tight from the Liverpool fans before he scored,it's part/parcel of being a very well payed football player in this day/age Mr Gerard/Stubborn….watp

  3. Frustrated with the 'English boys' nepotism, going on. How much more will Tav (especially) & Goldson, rob us of, this season? Absolutely shocking!

  4. Have to agree with Diego re arfield and aribo both not at the races against well. also 4 changes after a big result in Europe I just don't get it.
    Squad rotation ok re some players but to leave out your top striker who is in the form of his life and has just came off a big goal in a big game for me a big NO.
    That's the second time gerrard has done that remember the septic game, Morelos is only 23 ffs if you are going to rest players the ones over 30 arfield and davis are the senior players who should get a break especially arfield who played against hearts after playing two internationals and a long haul flight to get back here.
    What the hells happened to greg Docherty or andy king remember him.
    Ok we got a result yesterday but that was not very watchable and I know davis and barisic played well, but that's two games hearts and motherwell who bullied us all over the pitch.

  5. Firstly, came away from Ibrox delighted getting the 3 points. My biggest gripe is leaving our best players on the bench. We lost so many points rotating a winning team last season. We just don't have the quality to replace our best players. Stewart and Barker are just not good enough!
    Gerrard said he does not have options to replace Tav because Flanagan is injured?? So what is his excuse for Goldson?? HMMMM, whatever Gerrard!
    Got a bit irate at Morelos losing the ball far too easily and being lackadaisical, putting us under pressure near the end of the game. He didn't run hard enough for me to cover the Motherwell runners. I expect our subs to burst a gut to chase the players down and break up any thought of attack!
    Like I say, 3 points, where last season we would have dropped points. I agreed with Gerrards comments, weren't at our best in the first half, better in the second.
    Move on, next game!!

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