Gerrard shocker reveals staggering hypocrisy

Gerrard shocker reveals staggering hypocrisy

Steven Gerrard’s extraordinary comments yesterday over James Tavernier only serve to prove the manager’s hypocrisy with regards his own rules.

It is not inaccurate to say Gerrard has had quite the positive effect on Rangers since arriving at Ibrox in May of last year, and that we’re top of the table with Celtic and possessing a real shout of a shift at the title is down 99% to the influence of the former Anfield legend.

But he has certainly made errors, and yesterday’s post-match quotes about his captain clearly proved without any doubt his own rules don’t apply universally.

He said:

“James has been in the firing line for a few weeks, and today there were a few more groans which isn’t helpful. But, he has shown great character by putting in the perfect delivery, and Fil has shown great leadership by wanting to go and be first and wanting to get his team a big win. [James] never hides, and I think he needs me and he needs his teammates at the moment. I don’t think there is a lot wrong and he will play through this and he will come back to his best which is top. We haven’t got many options to replace him – we have had injuries to Flanagan. I think James needs the crowd with him at this moment, and that will help him to play through this little barren spell he is having.”

In fairness, a manager supporting his players isn’t exactly front-page news – managers should generally try to back their charges, especially when those players are in particularly bad form – but the problem in this case is the fact Gerrard has been quick to castigate most of the rest of the team when individuals have had poor matches.

It’s not his support of Tav that is the problem, it’s the lack of it to other players when they have had similar bad spells.

If Stevie is going to smear his players for individually poor performances, he has to do it as a rule, rather than picking and choosing which ones he’ll be kind with and which ones he’ll throw the book at.

Or he could just big up every player who has a down time or mistake, rather than slagging off a Jordan Jones or a Umar Sadiq back in the day and attacking their integrity.

No, Gerrard has done many good things, and we applaud those – we’re top of the table and laying gloves on those around us. But this one simply isn’t fair or consistent.

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  1. Every manager has his favorites and Gerrard is certainly that type.

    His preference for English players is obvious – signings of Barker, Goldson, Edmundson, Kent, King, Flano. And these players getting preference over the others.

    Do we truly believe that Barker is better than Middleton? Or Edmundson better than McCrorie? Or King a better option than Doherty?

    For whatever reason, I don't think Gerard rates the Scottish/Foreign boys as much as he does the English lads and it's evident in this case.

  2. SG knows like the rest of us the standard that Tav is capable of playing too and he trying to get him back there asap while trying to bot completely drain his confidence which we can see is low at the moment

    • I think this is part of the issue, half of the support have never viewed Tav as being good enough at RB or as captain since he arrived, the standard Tav is capable of still isn't good enough for a Rangers RB or Captain.

  3. The problem here is J.T. himself a good steady player but time and time again his lack of qualities as a defender come to question, maybe being captain weights too much on him as it does with some players, as for cover in that position i thought we signed a American full back or maybe i might be wrong,one thing for sure if the media reports are correct he may be on his way down south,so we will have to find a full back shortly.

    • We signed Matt Polster and also have Fannigan. I am still certain we signed Polster cos we thought Tav was going in the summer. If Tav does leave us it will be to the championship.

  4. I said it last year when SG made Tav captain that this would come back and bite him cos he would find it harder to drop him when he wasn't performing. I think SG is using the Captaincy as an excuse not to drop him, Goldson being VC seems to be having the same privileges. Tav isn't captain material in a million years let alone a Rangers captain, i don't think coping with the captaincy is a real issue for Tav cos he does none of the Captain duties anyhow.

  5. Some players need a hug, some need a bollocking. A good man manager will do what is right for the individual. Gerrard is asking us to support Tav and I think we, as fans, should go out of our way to support him. He can be a huge player for us. Why don't we sing and chant our support and hope he thrives off that.

  6. Some so called supporters are just never satisfied unless the have something to moan about. Just count ourselves lucky we have a great manager and are sitting where we are in the table. I could see the point if we were mid-table. People need to stop overthinking comments made by SG we are lucky to have him, or would you rather he took up another post in the EPL?

  7. Good man management is about NOT treating everyone the same way. Only naive or inexperienced managers try to treat everyone the same. Good management is exactly as Ally Hume described, you treat the person in the way that gets the most positive reaction from them. With some it's a cuddle, with others its a kick up the backside.
    Tav has made a massive contribution over his period with Rangers, and if he gets the support and encouragement he needs, then he will certainly have a lot to contribute going forward.
    I also agree with Jason T King, there is such a tendency to over-analyse every word that Gerrard utters, at times it becomes as if what Gerrard says is more important than the result of the game.

    • Couldn't agree more with the comments from yourself, Jason and Ally. The attacks on Tav are way over the top and have gone way past "constructive criticism". Gerrard clearly sees this and has enough man management skills to do all he can to get Tav back to his best (which is by far the best RB in the league). Surely this is something we should all be hoping for.
      Why do some fans seem to need to constantly attack the players and manager no matter what happens on the pitch. We're equal top of the league, in the driving seat in the group stages of the EL and still in both cup competitions yet the headline is Gerrard the hypocrite having a shocker by supporting his captain. WTF.

  8. This just a sign of a good manager , there are players that need a rocket and others just need a cuddle .
    Tav has been an excellent servant to us and just needs to find confidence. The Rangers fans just need to show him love and he will get back to the high standards he set himself , keep up the criticism and blame we will ruin our player and captain

  9. SG,s comments are more in his own defence than Tavs, being careful not to be hyper critical of the player that HE made Captain in turn maintaining less criticism of his own decisions

  10. Why do we not get off,our Manager and Captains back and lets support the whole Rangers Family to capture league title 55

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