Has Steven Gerrard just hinted at major Ibrox change?

Has Steven Gerrard just hinted at major Ibrox change?

Steven Gerrard may have hinted at big changes for Sunday’s visit of Hamilton, after he emphasised ‘individual errors’ having costed his side over the course of notable matches and dropped points in recent months.

After citing matches in which Rangers ‘got nothing’ from the 90 following ‘individual mistakes’, Gerrard appeared to be at pains to hint he may be considering some dramatic upheaval for the arrival of Brian Rice’s men, albeit the New Douglas Park men aren’t exactly the hardest opponent Rangers will have this season.

Nevertheless, Gerrard’s tone following that painful loss to Young Boys appeared to be making explicit reference to those who have made numerous mistakes, and that does point at the likes of Connor Goldson and James Tavernier who could finally see their places in the side at genuine risk for the first time under Stevie’s management.

Rangers of course have a tonne of depth in defence, with ready-made replacements eager to come in and clinch places – Filip Helander is still establishing himself, Niko Katic has seemingly lost his place again, and George Edmundson has been criminally underused, while Matt Polster is available at RB along with the adaptable Jon Flanagan, injury/recovery notwithstanding.

Nevertheless, Thursday’s result in Switzerland may just have given Steven Gerrard the kick up his backside he needed to stop with the favouritism and start selecting the players who have most earned and deserved their places.

Polster and Edmundson especially have waited patiently for their chances – now may be the time to grab it with both hands.

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  1. I'd love to see Helander and Katic together. Been concerned about Goldson's form for a few weeks but I'm not going to attack him, he is capable of being excellent. A wee time out might help him tune up a bit and sort himself out. I think Katic and Helander's strengths would compliment each other very well and I'm not sure I quite understand why they haven't been paired yet. I worry that Goldson is seen as a ball-playing cb when his passing has been pretty woeful for some time…

  2. We should be seeing what works best for us, anyway. Edmundson deserves a chance and we all want Katic, back. On to your main point, we'll not have to wait long to find out. Me personally, i'm sick of Tav and Goldson, but especially, Tav. He's a defender, who thinks he's a winger and we're all pretty tired of him costing us.

  3. I'd love to personally see Flanno at right back and an Edmundson and Katic pairing. Probably too inexperienced at centre back but based on performances I think they would do a job. Tab on the right wing for width with Kent on the left when he returns. Arfield condenses the final third and we're lop sided when playing with only one winger… may be the reason tavs caught out of position so often.

  4. Lose Tav and we lose his assists and goals. Unless we move him forward and play Polster/Flanagan behind him, or go 3 at the back with 2 wingbacks. I think he is decent given what he provides, nobody expects wingers to be the best defenders, but without Candeias he can be exposed.
    I think we need to try all combinations of CB, but ideally 1 older and 1 younger together and horses for courses. Katic is the best in the air, so should play when that is needed.
    Main thing is, SG has to rotate more or carry the can for failures of his favourites. Arfield has been out of sorts all season and everybody else sees he needs a rest

    • Good point about Arfield. He does need a rest. If he missed out this week and then went into the international break we could maybe get him a few weeks off. That's probably as much as we can afford to give him.

  5. Tav is a right sided defender who is also captain and this is what he must be measured on, anything over and above this like the marauding runs down the wings, crosses and pens need to be looked at as bonuses to his base case. As a defending right back i would give him a 4/10 and as a captain he gets a 1/10. unless (and this should go for anyone in their natural position) he gets a constant 8/10 for both each game his bonuses should not count as he is not good enough in his natural position. Rangers as a team wont improve until we have the best players possible in each position. Hellander was brought in best he was a left sided defender to improve the team, we need a RB who can defend primarily and then if he is good at that anything else is a bonus.

    • Gerrard picks the team and decides what role they will play. If he is marauding down the wing leaving gaps behind then presumably that is what the manager has asked him to do. That is also why we play defensive midfielders to plug the gaps. Therefore that is what he should be measured on.

  6. Coach after coach have missed The fact Tav is NOT a Full Back.
    He IS a great servant and supplies rubs and crosses, BUT if he is to stay, must be in mf or on the wing.
    Personally I want a new RB
    Also OJO, Arfield, Camara were crap

    Fact is that we should not continue bringing Liverpool also rans prior to giving our own players.

    And finally, why did Defoe not get on last night

    Back line
    Edmundson Katic Barrasic

    We miss Jordan Jones and I felt Greg Stewart did well last night..

  7. Tav hasnt been the same from Candyman went as he covered for him, Ofo along wih Goldson have been quite dodgy and in need of a rest

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