76% of Rangers fans asked want star man axed

76% of Rangers fans asked want star man axed

If one player sums up the failures of Rangers’ use of the loan system over the past 5-10 years, it’s Sheyi Ojo.

Once described as a ‘lab’ for Mark Warburton to use as an audition for players he hoped to one day manage at the likes of Spurs or Arsenal, Rangers have seen countless rotten players come and go and in very few cases have they gone on to even remotely decent careers.

Unfortunately with loan clauses and fines in place, fan opinion doesn’t tend to count for too much when it comes to who we want in and out, but nevertheless Ibrox Noise ran a poll this morning to see how many fans still backed Ojo despite his disappointing performances in a Rangers shirt, and how many didn’t, or at least kept their minds open to giving him a chance.

The results were emphatic.

Of the hundreds of responses, just 10% wanted Steven Gerrard to keep Ojo in the side/at the club, and a generous 15% were open to the idea without being sure. A stonking 76% (rounding up) of replies were the opposite, and they felt it time to abandon Ojo.

He’s just not lived up to the promise – we heard good words about his potential, and of course he was the most expensive youth player in history when Liverpool paid MK Dons £2M for his services as a 14-year old youngster, but that hasn’t translated to the pitch and if Rangers fans had the choice, Ojo would be out.

You can include us among them.

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  1. It's a fair point. This was not, the season for mistakes and injuries and we're still 'plagued' by both. While again, Celtic remain consistent and with a fraction of the injuries, we seem to sustain. Fed up of it, tbh. Especially, fed-up of Tav.

  2. Timing of course is everything. If you had run the same survey immediately after the Feyeenord game, then I am sure the results would have been significantly different.
    I am not defending Ojo, his play is very erratic. But he does contribute goals and assists at times, which have been a positive contribution.

  3. It took Kent a few months of inconsistency to find his feet properly and the result of the confidence Gerrard showed in him was a fantastic second half of the season and ultimately a 7 million permanent move that was lauded by more than 76% of fans. Ojo has had a few disappointing games but lets not try to totally destroy his confidence, he is still a Rangers player at the moment.

  4. I agree Ojo had a poor game last night and a few others so far this season but it's not all doom and gloom. He has already scored 5 goals and had 3 assists which compares favourably with Ryan Kents 6 goals and 4 assists for the WHOLE of last season. If we stay off his back I believe he can improve and become more consistent. If he continues at his current rate he would end up with 15+ plus goals for the season and a similar number of assists. I would strongly argue that would be very impressive. Give him a chance to flourish.

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