“Green and whites are hating it” – Rangers go top…

“Green and whites are hating it” – Rangers go top…

As we said earlier, today was a big one. Today was the day we might just find out there was a momentum swing in Scottish football, and how we could realistically compare where Rangers and Celtic were.

Well, we did, and it was emphatic.

For the first time under Steven Gerrard, this Rangers team are Champions in the making.

It may seem like an overreaction, given it’s only early October, but having played 8 and won 7, losing just that bizarre Old Firm farce, Rangers are without any doubt the most consistent side in the country and there are now genuine fears at Parkhead they’re going to lose 9IAR.

Even our trip to Berne was a loss from the jaws of victory – a match we should have won, and if we’re even slightly critical of today’s imperious performance against Hamilton, it’s that we should have scored double the amount.

Rangers are bang in form – whether we all agree or not on player selection, and we never will, let’s face it, and whether we all trust Steven Gerrard or not, and not everyone does, the fact that always ends up the proof of the pudding is the league position.

And with Rangers rightly top of this division, right now we are without doubt the best team in the country.

It’s not even about money – many would argue Celtic’s budget is just too much for us to surpass. Well, pretty sure Atletico, Leicester and Valencia have budgets dwarfed by Man City, Utd, Barcelona and Real Madrid, but these sides still came out on top to win their leagues.

It’s about desire, performance and goals. And right now this club is delivering. We’ll never understand that Old Firm loss, but the consistent wins, aside that annoying loss to Young Boys, since it prove Steven Gerrard isn’t just going in the right direction, but he’s there already.

Rangers’ squad is excellent – as good as Celtic’s now despite the lesser budget. Rangers appear also to have the better manager, and long may that continue.

We know, we know – you’re all screaming “HYPOCRITES”, and claiming the next bad result we’ll want Gerrard sacked.

Well like any football fans we call the good as well as the bad, and until the Old Firm we’d been revoltingly positive about SG and Rangers. Things dipped a little after that, performance-wise. But while we have been scathing at times, well, welcome to football. We will not give you rational balance – go to the Financial Times if you want emotionless drones.

This is Ibrox Noise, and we are emotional football fans – and our Rangers just went top.

So, frankly to hell with anyone who tells us off for enjoying it.

Because we are. We’re loving it.

And we know green and whites are hating it.

Let’s go.

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  1. We are so strong now and players coming back from injury too its hard to get a game now for the famous,
    Feel the burn💪,
    That referee was a clown today,the things they got away with was a joke
    Lets enjoy this moment

  2. Let's no get carried away. I think Celtic have played 5 away games and us 3. So long way to go but still encouraging

    • 'Unknown' comments (how many Unknowns are there) are invariably more negative….I wonder why? Don't think the 'Unknowns' are having a party today Rob lol

  3. It's is as you say a siesmic shift really. The arrogance and clear acceptance that's the Rotten Mob who think they can just turn up and all fall away is over!! We are showing real belief and resilience . I know there's a long way to go but it's really a great feeling with real substance this time. ….7 Million for that donkey Julian lololo !!!!

  4. I now get how the English feel about their song….
    It's Coming Home, It's Coming Home, It's Coming, Football's Coming Home!
    I am trying very hard not to believe. I would rather be a pessimist and proven wrong than an optimist and proven wrong. But it is getting progressively harder to not believe. We didn't start Morelos, or Jack, or Aribo, or Kent, or Jones. We did start Ojo, so we are almost effectively beating teams with 10 men. Celtic moan about getting a man sent off – we start with 10 men. Although Ojo may come good. Kent did.
    But trying to stay pessimistic is exhausting on days like this, so I give up!!

    • Give Ojo a break. His goals and assist stats are already similar to Kents over the WHOLE of last season and we're only in the first week in October. I believe he will "deliver". Even at his current rate he could be heading for 15 goals and 15 assists for the season. Way better than Kent. Could you honestly then say he hadn't made a good contribution.

  5. Has anyone been near the Eastend today did anyone notice if the sky has caved in.
    There will be blow up doll effigies of Lawwell and Lennon hanging from the stand.
    I take it that will be two of the Smeltic fans without of a partner for a while.
    Love it, can you feel their pain.

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